FAQ: On Clash Of Clans How To Take Over An Abandoned Clans?

How can I get my old clash of clans back?


  1. Open the Clash of Clans application.
  2. Go to Game Settings.
  3. Connect to a Google+ account so you can link your old village.
  4. Find the Help and Support tab in the Game Settings menu.
  5. Select Report an Issue.
  6. Select Other Problem.

How do you become leader of a dead clan?

  1. Ask the clan leader or co- leader to elect you to elder first.
  2. Build trust to your clan mates.
  3. If the clan has rules and regulations about donations.
  4. Perform properly at war, be strategic.
  5. Give tips and suggestions to your clan mates.
  6. Join active clan or competitive clan and prove yourself there.

Is Clash of Clans Dead 2020?

No. COC is not dying.

How do you remove an inactive clan leader in clash of clans?

According to rules, there is no such way to remove inactive leader in coc but if you are a co- leader, you can do whatever a leader can but cannot kick out another co or cannot demote him…

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Can I get free COC account?

2. Free Download Clash of Clans Mod apk. If you search on google or play store, you will find many sources that would say that they can benefit you generate a premium account for COC for free.

Does clash of clans delete inactive accounts?

According to the Terms of Service, yes, they could terminate your several-year inactive account.

Can COC members become leaders?

Leader status will never be given to a Member, regardless of how long they have been in the Clan, their activity, or what ranks they might have held in the Clan in the past.

How much does it cost to make a clan in COC?

To create or join a Clan, you must be at least level 1. Once you are at level 1, tap the Clan Tab and you will see on the upper part of the screen the options to Create your own Clan or Search for an existing Clan to join. Creating a Clan costs 1000 Gold.

How do you join a dead clan in clash of clans?

Ideally, a player could start his/her own clan, and then go about absorbing several other dead clans until they gained enough members to launch a war. When viewing a clan’s details, add a button that says, “Absorb”, located next to the ” Join ” button.

Is CoC still popular 2020?

Yes they do! Its 2020 and i came back to the game this year, i have taken a lot of breaks since 2014 but im pretty sure even if i stop i will always come back to the game. Now im a lv150 th11 co leader in lv10 clan which has a lot of active people playing everyday.

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How will CoC finally die?

COC will never be end because it will update in numerous level and never be stop. Because supercell will get more n more user( player) n make the game more adventures. It will be upgrade to TH 25 n defense level upto 50.

Is clash of clans pay to win?

Clash of Clans isn’t necessarily pay to win – it’s more play to progress. You pay into the game to speed up your progress so you don’t have to grind through the levels. PvP battles are played against other players of similar levels, whether those players got there through grinding or paying, it doesn’t really matter.

What happens if clan leader is inactive?

If a Clan Leader becomes inactive for 90 days, Leadership will automatically pass to the next senior active Co- Leader (seniority = how long players has been in that clan ).

How do you kick out a leader in clash of clans 2020?

There is no way to kick a leader. If you are a member you can’t kick any one. If you are a elder you can kick members.

How many co leaders can you have in clash of clans?

It can have 1 leader and 49 co leaders.

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