How To Get Into Abandoned Bos Bunker?

How do you get into the abandoned Brotherhood of Steel bunker?


  1. you need the DLC “Dead Money” and then it opens.
  2. Find veronica at the 188, she will open it for you, or if you find some dead BoS they will have a password on them, go back to the intercom and say the password.

How do I join the Brotherhood of Steel safehouse?

Entrance to the Brotherhood of Steel safehouse can be gained after finishing the quest Still in the Dark while having a Liked or better reputation with the Brotherhood of Steel.

How do you destroy the BoS bunker?

Their base is located in Hidden Valley and can be destroyed by using a terminal to self-destruct their base. To self destruct their base you need either a science skill of 100 or all three key cards from the elder, head paladin, and head scribe.

Where is the abandoned BoS bunker?

It is located slightly southeast of Camp Forlorn Hope.

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Which bunker is the Brotherhood of Steel?

The fourth bunker, also known as the Hidden Valley bunker, is the home of the Brotherhood of Steel. The bunker is marked by a small broken tree stump directly on top of the dome.

Should I help McNamara or Hardin?

McNamara has a lot of busy work quests, and Hardin Doesn’t. If the player wants to just get power armor and leave, then Hardin is the fastest option to do so. If the player wants to just get power armor and leave, then Hardin is the fastest option to do so. As for characters or the future of the chapter, who knows.

Should I remove elder McNamara?

yes, DO NOT replace Mcnamara with Harden if you want to side with the NCR. Not a bug, Hardin just doesn’t want to side with the NCR. No. It has no effect on gameplay and, in fact, is a net negative story-wise, preventing the acquisition of two positive ending slides.

Is there a real Hidden Valley Ranch?

Hidden Valley Ranch Is A Real Place But the food scientists don’t work there. A little background before we get started: Yes, there was a real ranch in Santa Barbara, California, called Hidden Valley Ranch. Nowadays, its food scientists work from the Clorox campus in Pleasanton, California.

How do I start the still in the dark quest?

Walkthrough. The quest can be started in two ways, both of which require finding the Hidden Valley bunker the Brotherhood retreated to. The first way requires the player to simply pick up Veronica Santangelo at 188 trading post and bring her to the bunker. She will lead the player inside.

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Where can I find Paladin Sato?

You will find Paladin Sato in Northeast Territories of Mojave Wasteland in Brotherhood of Steel Safehouse, his skill level is 100. Location. You will find Dale Barton in Northeast Territories of Mojave Wasteland in The Fort, his skill level is 30.

Where is the key for the followers safehouse?

To access the safehouse, the Courier must become Idolized with the Followers of the Apocalypse. Julie Farkas will offer membership with the Followers and provide the key. She will invite the Courier after they have been given the option to buy magazines.

Will Veronica leave if I destroy the brotherhood?

Becoming Vilified with the Brotherhood of Steel causes Veronica to quit as a companion. Destroying the Brotherhood of Steel by activating the bunker’s self-destruction option will drop the reputation to Vilified, making Veronica leave the party even if she chose to leave the Brotherhood in her companion quest.

Can you kill the Brotherhood of Steel without losing Veronica?

Veronica will leave if your BoS reputation falls below a certain value. Destroying the BoS will give you a massive reputation hit, so you will most likely fall below the reputation required for keeping Veronica. At least the NCR quests you can do without having to kill the Brotherhood, as far as I remember.

Can the Brotherhood of Steel join yes man?

Although the Brotherhood of Steel will not side with the Courier and Yes Man, one has three solutions: Destroy Hidden Valley.

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