Nier Automata How To Get Back To Abandoned?

Can you teleport in Nier automata?

NieR: Automata – Fast Travel When you first unlock the game’s open world, the only form of fast travel you have access to is moving between the Resistance Camp and the Bunker. Simply head to the access point in the Resistance Camp and select the Transport option to go back to the Bunker.

How do you escape twisted religion Nier?

Twisted Religion Walkthrough

  1. You should kill the large hostile group of Small Biped attacking you, then flee through the elevator that opens.
  2. Run through some long bridges and onto conveyor belts, avoiding enemies and defeating what you can without getting smashed by the giant presses.

Where is the factory in Nier automata?

The factory sits west of the City Ruins, and is initially entered via flight units as 2B and several other YoRHa make their descent, with 9S already on reconnaissance duty when first playing as him during Route B.

How do I get to 11ment memento?

11B’s Memento Walkthrough Head to the factory in City Ruins and find 11B’s corpse, located near a rock located at the very beginning of the game. Head back to the Bunker and speak with 16D. You can choose to keep her desertion to yourself or tell 16D. If you tell her the truth she will begin laughing and thank you.

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What’s the best weapon in NieR automata?

  • 8 Engine Blade.
  • 7 Type-3 Blade.
  • 6 Type-40 Blade.
  • 5 Virtuous Contract.
  • 4 Ancient Overlord.
  • 3 Spear Of Usurper.
  • 2 Virtuous Treaty.
  • 1 Demon’s Cry. These bracers are frequently used by players in very hard modes and are widely considered to be the best weapon in the game.

Can u fast travel in Nier?

Nier Replicant does not have a fast travel system, and some dialogue early in the game even jokes about this. Grimoire Weiss mentions that people who have tried have ended up smashing into whatever was between them and their intended location.

How do you get the chest in the abandoned factory NieR?

Equip a large sword to your light attack slot, slowly step forward and off the platform to the right of the collapsed stairs, and as soon as you’ve dropped past the stairs, perform a light attack to delay your descent, then double jump to clear the ledge and reach the chest.

Where are all the weapons in NieR automata?

Machine Heads – Wipe Pascal’s memories as A2. Once you have control over 9S again, go to Pascal’s Village and buy them from him. Emil Heads – Defeat Emil’s first form. That’s all the weapons you can obtain in NieR: Automata.

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