Often asked: How Can I Get To The Abandoned Mine Sotn?

How do I get to the catacombs in Castlevania Symphony of the Night?

User Info: fathedred. You must break the wood bridge. Go left until you get to the waterfall–don’t go down–fly left. Hit the switch in the room and go back to the wooden bridge, lure the skeleton ape over to the bridge so that his barrel will blow up on the bridge.

How do I get Crissaegrim Sotn?

It can only be found by going into the Forbidden Library and managing to get a Schmoo to drop one, but it won’t be easy. The Crissaegrim is a one handed sword. This means that it is possible to obtain two of them and wield one in each hand.

How do you skip death in Sotn?

In order to perform the Death Skip, a Reverse Shift Line is triggered in order to transfer Alucard to the opposite side of the Death room. This can be performed either with a Neutron Bomb (which should have been obtained from the Prologue) or with a spell (Summon Spirit or Tetra Spirit).

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How do you get the good ending in Sotn?

which one is the best ending?

  1. Simply go to the castle tower and defeat Richter without meeting Maria.
  2. Get the Holy Glasses and defeat Richter.
  3. Defeat Dracula with anything below 200% and you’ll see Maria and Richter waiting for you outside the castle.
  4. Get AT LEAST 199.1% and defeat Dracula.

How do you break the wooden bridge in Sotn?

A Skeleton Ape will drop down and throw a flaming barrel. This will break the bridge. Head back to the other wooden bridge earlier in the level to the right.

How do you break a hardwood floor in a symphony of the night?

Accepted Answer. You have to press a switch, that is in the room to the straight left of the wooden bridge your trying to get through. (there should a wooden bridge in the room with the switch) When you press the switch a skeleton ape should appear and destroy the wooden bridge your standing on.

Where is muramasa Sotn?

The Muramasa is found on the upper level of the Castle Walls in section of the Castle Grounds area. It is in a candle on a perch that initially cannot be reached, but that can be reached by traveling far to the right, heading up, and then heading back left.

How do I get Rhava velar?

Rhava Velar recipe book – Legendary Equipment/R Before you can craft the Rhava Velar, you’ll need to find the Legendary Equipment/R recipe book. It is located in Hall of Termination. You’ll need Invert to get to the top of the room, and then you’ll find a chest off to the left.

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What is luck mode Sotn?

Thief Mode (usually called Luck Mode when talking about Symphony of the Night) is an alternate mode in some games that increases the player’s Luck at the expense of other stats. There are two Castlevania games with this mode: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.

How many endings are in SotN?

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. This game has four possible endings for Alucard, each of which is decided by different conditions that lead to the defeat of Dracula or, misguidedly, Richter.

Is SotN new game plus?

There’s no New Game+ in SotN. You have to start over.

How do you get Spike breaker armor?

Spike Breaker Armor is on Catacombs,After A Dark Room Full of Spikes. You will need at least Soul of Bat and Echo of Bat. So,Transform into Bat an Press Triangle to See the Spikes.

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