Often asked: How Many Abandoned Mines Are In The Western Us?

How many abandoned mines are around the western United States?

Paying for the cleanup To clean up the estimated 500,000 abandoned mines, taxpayers face a price tag of $32 billion to $72 billion, the Department of the Interior predicted.

How many abandoned coal mines are there in the US?

Did you know there are 48,529 abandoned coal mines in the United States which are known to pose a threat to the public and/or the environment?

How many old mines do we have in the West that are a source of water contamination?

Estimates of the number of such abandoned mine sites range from 161,000 in 12 western states to as many as 500,000 nationwide. At least 33,000 have degraded the environment, according to the Government Accountability Office, and thousands more are discovered every year.

How many people have died in abandoned mines?

Every year, many people are killed or hurt at abandoned mine sites. In 2000–2013 alone, 381 people were killed; 152 people suffered broken bones and other injuries. Across the country, abandoned mines exist in every state. Even a mine that was “safe” last year could be deadly today due to deteriorating conditions.

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What state has the most abandoned mines?

Many experts believe Arizona has among the most abandoned mines in the country. The mine inspector’s office has repeatedly requested more funding to help locate and secure these mines, but the Legislature has not granted a significant budget increase for its abandoned – mines program in a decade.

Which state has the most mines?

73,499 mines were in production at the time the data was entered into USGS records. California, Nevada, and Colorado are the states with the most mines.

Why are mineshafts dangerous?

Falling in a shaft for even a short distance can cause serious injury or even death. The entire area near an opening is often unstable and may cave into the shaft at any time, carrying an unwary trespasser with it. The dangers associated with mine tunnels, or adits, are not always as obvious as with shafts.

How many abandoned coal mines are there?

There are nearly 5,200 coal -related abandoned mine sites that have yet to be fully reclaimed, amounting to an estimated $3.0 billion worth of health and safety problems and more than $2.0 billion of general welfare, environmental and non- coal problems.

Why do mines get abandoned?

Blasting caps and other undetonated explosives. Blackdamp accumulating in old mines, which can cause suffocation. Hidden mine shafts, often hidden beneath bushes and grasses and other vegetation that has grown up around the mine entrance. Unstable roofs and passageways, prone to cave-ins.

How can we prevent abandoned mine drainage?

Some common methods include: Reclamation of contaminated land by (1) adding lime or other alkaline materials to neutralize the acidity, and (2) adding uncontaminated top soil, planting vegetation, and modifying slopes to stabilize the soil and reduce infiltration of surface water into underlying contaminated material.

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How do abandoned mines affect the environment?

Mining can pollute air and drinking water, harm wildlife and habitat, and permanently scar natural landscapes. Modern mines as well as abandoned mines are responsible for significant environmental damage throughout the West.

How many Superfund sites are mines?

Among the 50 states, there were 1,303 Superfund sites. The states with the most Superfund sites were New Jersey (113 sites ), California (97 sites ) and Pennsylvania (95 sites ). Superfund sites by state.

[hide]Number of Superfund sites by state (January 2016)
State Superfund sites
California 97
Colorado 19
Connecticut 14


What is an abandoned mineshaft?

In Minecraft, an abandoned mineshaft is a structure that spawns naturally in the game. It looks like a series of mining tunnels that can be found underground in nearly every Overworld biome.

How deep are old mine shafts?

The darkness and debris in old mines make it difficult to identify the hazards. Vertical shafts:These can be hundreds of feet deep. At the surface, openings can be hidden by vegetation, or covered by rotting boards or timbers.

Why are quarries filled with water?

Quarry lakes Many quarries naturally fill with water after abandonment and become lakes. Others are made into landfills. Though quarry water is often very clear, submerged quarry stones and abandoned equipment make diving into these quarries extremely dangerous. Several people drown in quarries each year.

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