Often asked: How To Get Old Abandoned Warehouse Key In Stick Rpg 2?

How do I get the new abandoned warehouse key?

To get the New Warehouse Key, gather 750 strength and go to the Dangling Pianist in the evening or night. Talk to the orange people at the table (make sure they have a quest icon above their head) and accept the deal. Even if you don’t go to the New Warehouse, you get a free 7500 dollars!

How do you get all 4 Trophemon in Stick RPG 2?

Get a Pizza ($75) and a Milkshake ($7) from Joe’s Pizza Place and McSticks respectively, which cost a total of $82.

  1. Give them to DJ MatchStick McQuick in that exact order at the Night Club during the evening ( 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm) to receive a Trophemon.
  2. The player’s Charm stat will increase when both items are given.

Where is the basement in Stick RPG 2?

The Basement is the first and default house of the player in Stick RPG 2. The keys are given after talking to Tutorial Ted for the first time. It is the only free housing. The Basement has broken windows and is located on the first island, right beside XGen Studios and The Old Abandoned Warehouse.

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How do you get the gangster HQ key?

To obtain the key, you must battle the group of Westside Gangsters seen hanging out on the basketball court in the middle of the island in the morning. Before you can battle them, you must have a certain amount of strength points. Winning the battle will give you the Gangster HQ Key.

How do you get the flamethrower in Stick RPG 2?

There are couple of ways to receive it – you can either win chess game in U of S (certain intelligence level required), free the Nigerian Prince in prison (10’000$ required) or kill all gangsters in Gangster’s HQ. Once you got it and gave it to Perry the best flamethrower is in your hands.

Who can you marry in Stick RPG 2?

Stick RPG 2 gives you the option to marry. There are four girls that you can marry.

  • Devin ( -300 Negative karma > Bad Girl )- Has orange-red hair and a purple head.
  • Tiffany ( 100 Strength > Bimbo ) – Has blonde hair and a pink head.
  • Kate ( 200 Intelligence > Pretty Nerd ) – Has brunette hair and a teal head.

Where do I get a screwdriver in Stick RPG 2?

The Item is acquired either by purchase at the hardware store or giving the hungry mutant near the university an old hot dog.

How do you get coca in Stick RPG 2?


  1. Defeat the yellow guy in Skye’s Bar.
  2. Head to the Old Abandoned Warehouse and defeat the Combat Zone Thus getting Coca.

What is the Gangster Disciples creed?

We believe in the teachings of our honorable chairman; We believe in all the laws & policies set forth by our Chairman & his executive staff; we believe in the concept; we believe in organization; we believe in aid & assisting all the fellow brothers of the struggle in righteous endeavors, as we stand strong upon our

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What is the Gd prayer?

( G.D. PRAYER ) As I pray to God and all the best, when I am dead and gone tell my Folks to put me to rest. I will leave this earth so let things be well, I am a loyal Folk in heaven or hell. If I die, show no pity, bury me in gangsta city.

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