Often asked: Rise Of The Tomb Raide How To Replay Abandoned Mines For Secrets?

How do you get through the abandoned mines in Tomb Raider?

Use the zip-line to get onto the crane and make your way to the ledge across. Move the crank about halfway down the rails and then connect a rope between it and the large container. It’ll fill up with water and then pull down the crane. Sprint across the falling crane back to the large doors and make your way through.

How do I get to the monolith in the abandoned mines?

Starting from the Pantheon Corridor base camp, head down the path until you reach a well with an ice wall. Carefully make your way down and continue down that way. You’ll reach an open area. On the ledge of the outer part you’ll find the monolith.

Can you replay missions in Rise of the Tomb Raider?

The Chapter Replay modes allow you to select and replay parts of Rise of the Tomb Raider’s campaign. In Chapter Replay, you start the chapter with pre-determined inventory and skills. In Chapter Replay Elite, you start with the gear in your latest profile data from the campaign.

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How do you complete flooded archives?

Swim forward down a flooded stairway. At the bottom, turn right and continue straight ahead until you can surface. Turn left and follow the tunnel to the end, where you can loot a dead mercenary’s body before climbing out of the tunnel on the left side.

How do you get the survival cache in abandoned mines?

SURVIVAL CACHE 2 To get back there, carefully climb down the ice wall inside the circular spike pit (marked on the map and described in the last section of the walkthrough). The cache is buried on the north side of this room, just around the corner from the ice wall you’ll climb to get back to the base camp.

How do you swim fast in Rise of the Tomb Raider?

Swimming. Lara moves around using the left stick while she’s in the water. To swim as quickly as possible, press / while swimming.

How do you get survival cache in geothermal valley?

SURVIVAL CACHE 1 The first cache is on the right as you enter the village. If you missed it the first time, fast travel back to the Valley Farmstead Base Camp, climb the stairs to the the west, and you’ll find the cache on the left opposite strongbox #1.

Can I go back to Syria Rise of the Tomb Raider?

I can confirm you CAN go back to Syria. You go to expeditions from the main menu, replay mission, Prophet’s Tomb. That is the Syria mission.

What do the cards mean in Tomb Raider?

First and foremost; cards do not do anything, throughout the single player game. They are used to add conditions to the expedition game mode, which in modifies the multiplier applied to your end score. To explore this feature, select “Expeditions” from the main menu.

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Does shadow of the Tomb Raider have endurance mode?

Yep, Endurance mode was good! Though there was a pretty much amount of combat in Shadow, less than Rise of course, but still!

How do you get the Greek fire in Tomb Raider?

Move close and press Melee to cut the rope, freeing the vessel. Then press Interact to kick it off the ledge into the water. The current should carry the fire vessel over to the wooden supports at the base of the statue. Shoot the vessel to cause an explosion.

Where do you find the rebreather in Tomb Raider?

The Repreather is a piece of Equipment Lara finds in the Flooded Archives of Rise of the Tomb Raider. She takes it off a Trinity Flamethrower that falls into the water and on top of her after he has been skewered by the sword of a Deathless.

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