Often asked: Subnautica How To Find Abandoned Bases?

Is there an abandoned base in Subnautica?

Exterior. Outside of the entrance, an abandoned PDA can be found on the ground near the giant Jellyshroom. Containers located outside the base will often have Stasis Rifle fragments inside them, and Fragments of the Thermal Plant and Nuclear Reactor can spawn on the ground in front of the base as well.

Can you find the Degasi ship in Subnautica?

The Aurora is a huge part of the Subnautica map. The Degasi probably wasn’t as big as the Aurora, but it was still really big. On the map, you are unable to find any remains of the Degasi ship.

Where is the Degasi base in the Grand Reef?

The deep grand reef Degasi seabase can be found 500m deep so don’t attempt trying to get down without an MK2 seamoth depth module. To hatch your cuddlefish you are going to need to drop the egg inside the alien containment and wait until it hatches, this may take a couple of ingame days.

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How did the Degasi crew die?

Typically they were dead but one day she brought back a reaper leviathan that ended up being their doom. Bart managed to get away, Paul died in the habit in the Deep Grand Reef, and Maida died fighting the reaper. Bart went back to the Floating Island and later died from the bacteria.

What attacked the Degasi base?

In the middle of one of their arguments, another Reaper Leviathan attacks their base, causing Paul and Marguerit to be ejected from it.

What direction is the Jellyshroom cave Subnautica?

The Jellyshroom Cave is a cave system found below the Grassy Plateaus, Kelp Forest, and Safe Shallows. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Four entrances can be found at coordinates: (130 -95 -390), (-360 -110 -225), (-495 -90 15), and (-725 -105 0).

Where is Paul Torgals log 2?

The PDA for this entry can be found in the pink mushroom cave base. It is the one that gives you the beacon for the Grand Reef base. However, I was only able to find it because I knew where it should be.

What happened to Bart Subnautica?

Bart’s last known location was the western observatory on the Floating Island, to which he fled after the destruction of the Deep Grand Reef base by a Reaper Leviathan that followed the one brought back by Marguerit.

How did the Aurora crash Subnautica?

During an attempted gravity slingshot maneuver around Planet 4546B, the Aurora was struck by a mysterious energy pulse, resulting in catastrophic hull failure, leading to its crash landing on the surface of the planet.

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How did Paul die Subnautica?

The cinematic trailer seems to imply that he went downwards from the base and was ambushed by a Crabsquid, leading to his death.

Where is the sea Treader’s path?

The Sea Treader’s Path is an extended biome intersecting the Grand Reef, Sparse Reef, Dunes and the Blood Kelp Trench. It is located to the southwest of Lifepod 5.

Is the Grand Reef dangerous?

Though it lacks the Membrain Trees found in the Grand Reef, it shares the same Anchor Pods. The Deep Grand Reef is considerably more dangerous than the Grand Reef as it is home to many Crabsquids, capable of disabling electrical devices such as Flashlights, seabase, and vehicles for a short amount of time.

Are there leviathans in the Grand Reef?

The Grand Reef is home to a limited amount of fauna, including the large bottom-dwelling Sea Treader Leviathans, as well as two massive Ghost Leviathans.

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