Often asked: What Can You Find In The Abandoned Ship Pokemon Emeralf?

What is in the abandoned ship Pokemon Emerald?

Geography. The Abandoned Ship is a tattered, old ship that looks like it could carry passengers and cargo when it was in operation. This old ship has many rusted holes, broken doors and items of furniture scattered around rooms. One room has a huge pool of water, in which the player can dive down to reach a lower floor

Where is the scanner in the abandoned ship Emerald?

In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Version and Pokémon Emerald Version, it is found inside the Abandoned Ship, and Dive is required to obtain it. It can be given to Captain Stern in Slateport City in exchange for a Deep Sea Scale and a Deep Sea Tooth.

What do you do in the abandoned ship in Pokemon Sapphire?

The Abandoned Ship is at Route 108, in the sea between Dewford Island and Slateport City. Enter it and keep using your Itemfinder to collect fallen items which include the keys to various doors of the ship. You will also find the only Luxury Ball of the Game here.

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Where is the water stone in the abandoned ship?

Go to the Abandoned Ship. Instead, this Water Stone is found within the wrecked ship known as the S.S. Cactus. The ship is located on Route 108 (in the bottom left corner of the world map.) You will need to have a Pokémon that knows the move Surf to get to the Abandoned Ship.

Who is better Gorebyss or Huntail?

Huntail definitely! That Pokemon is one of the most powerful in the game. Gorebyss ‘ stats are distributed much more helpfully, and he has a much wider move compatibilty than Huntail. IMO, Gorebyss is much better.

What is a DeepSeaTooth in Emerald?

90. The Deep Sea Tooth (Japanese: しんかいのキバ Deep-Sea Fang), formatted DeepSeaTooth prior to Generation VI and Deepseatooth in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, is a type of held item introduced in Generation III. It allows Clamperl to evolve into Huntail, and also boosts the Special Attack of a Clamperl that holds it.

Can you get both DeepSeaTooth and DeepSeaScale in Emerald?

Unfortunately, you cant get both, you ‘ll have to trade or restart to get the other one.

What is the scanner for in Emerald?

Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald The Scanner can be given to Captain Stern in Slateport City in exchange for one of the items associated with Clamperl and its evolutions; DeepSeaScale or DeepSeaTooth.

Where is ice beam in the abandoned ship?

Your surf to the abandonship, go to the room with the docs assistant or whatever his name is and grab the storage key. Than go back and unlock the locked room and you will find tm 13 ice beam.

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Where can I find Bagon Emerald?

Finding Bagon. Head to the Meteor Falls Cave. You have already visited this cave earlier in the story, so Fly to Fallarbor Town to quickly reach Meteor Falls Cave. The cave is located between Route 114 and 115.

How do you use the Itemfinder in Pokemon Emerald?

It’s simple you use the itemfinder wherever the arrow points to the spot you think the item is hidden in the ground you push the “A” butten and dig it up. cooldude08 answered: Press the ‘A’ button when the invisible item is in front of you.

What Pokemon evolve with water stone emerald?

Water Stone

  • Poliwhirl into Poliwrath.
  • Shellder into Cloyster.
  • Staryu into Starmie.
  • Eevee into Vaporeon.
  • Lombre into Ludicolo.
  • Panpour into Simipour.

How can I get Eevee in Pokemon Emerald?

Eevee may be found in the Pokémon Mansion in Celadon City. Go to Celadon City, and enter the mansion via the backdoor. Get to the roof; on the roof, you’ll find a room. Inside, you’ll find Eevee’s Pokeball.

How do you get a thunderstone in Emerald?

Give the Yellow Shards to the Diving Treasure Hunter in his house on Route 124 and he’ll give you a Thunder Stone for each. Find one inside a Pokeball on an island in the Northeast corner of Route 124. You’ll find another hidden in seaweed while diving on route 126. Use the Itemfinder to aid you in your search.

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