Often asked: What Happens Of You Lure The Samurai To The Abandoned Dungeon?

Who should you lure to abandoned dungeon?

The first NPC you can lure is Jinzaemon Kumano, a noble warrior who patrols the moat. He can be found near the entrance to the well in which you started the game, reached from the Ashina Reservoir idol. If you ‘ve already defeated the Lone Shadow Longswordsman, he’ll then move forward to within the Abandoned Dungeon.

How do you lure Jinzaemon?

Greet him to start his quest. Talking to him again, he’ll reveal that he wants to follow the sound of a shamisen coming from Ashina Depths: if you have received the Surgeon’s Bloody Letter from Doujun, you’ll be able to send Jinzaemon to him by choosing to ” Lure to the Abandoned Dungeon”.

How do you lure Kotaro?

3) Move to the Abandoned Dungeon as part of Doujun’s questline, which simply requires players to give Kotaro the Red and White Pinwheel and then select the dialogue option: ” Lure to Abandoned Dungeon.”

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What do you do in the abandoned dungeon Sekiro?

You can now travel to Abandoned Dungeon – Bottomless Hole and lure Jinzaemon Kumano to the surgeon, or go to Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo and lure Kotaro. Delivering an NPC to them nets you 3x Lump of Fat and makes Doujun move away, his spot replaced by an Eavesdropping opportunity after you rest.

Should I lure Jinzaemon to abandoned dungeon?

You can interact with him, but he will only respond with sounds. If you don’t lure him to Abandoned Dungeon: he will eventually sit on a ground right before O’rin of the Water (near the Water Mill Sculptor’s Idol in Mibu Village).

Can you stealth kill Shichimen warrior?

While he’s not vulnerable to any stealth deathblow in the Bottomless Hole and Guardian Ape’s Burrow, it’s possible to plunge deathblow the Shichimen Warrior in the Fountainhead Palace with the correct angle.

Where is the secret forest Sekiro?

Jump down to the ground below and go to the cliff edge to grapple across to the next platform where you’ll find another Sculptor’s Idol. You’ll now be able to access the Hidden Forest. Grapple your way through the trees and watch out for the big chickens in the branches. No, that’s not a typo.

Is Shichimen Warrior optional?

Shichimen Warrior #1 | Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Boss Fight Sekiro guide, walkthrough. The following description of the duel with Shichimen Warrior boss describes an optional encounter with this boss in the Ashina Depths, which is only available after a full inspection and completion of the storyline in the Mibu Village

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What happens if you kill Anayama?

Combat: Players may kill Anayama the Peddler only in Hirata Estate (doing so will make him disappear from Ashina Outskirts, making it impossible to obtain the Phantom Kunai from him. You can buy it later from the donation box next to Hanbei the Undying).

What happens if you give the white pinwheel?

If you give him the White Pinwheel, as he requested, he becomes overjoyed and asks you to spirit him away. To do this, you need the Divine Abduction Prosthetic tool. If you don’t have it, be sure to read the linked guide.

What happens to Kotaro Sekiro?

After defeating the Divine Dragon, Kotaro will be found dead and Anayama will offer Sekiro his Promissory Note, his last piece of product that discounts the price of all the items sold by merchants.

How do I get into the abandoned dungeon entrance?

If you haven’t already, you can find easy access to the Abandoned Dungeon just to the left of the Ashina Castle Sculptor’s Idol, by crossing the bridge over the Reservoir and taking out the Taro Troop Brute and his Attack Dogs (use the Loaded Spear and you can rip out his armor).

What happens if you kill the guy in the dungeon Sekiro?

Combat: Players may kill Doujun before finishing his quest, but it is not recommended as doing so will result in permanent failure of his questline, as well as Jinzaemon or Kotaro’s if the player has sent either to him.

How do I get to the abandoned dungeon bottomless hole?

Abandoned Dungeon – Bottomless Hole From the Ashina Reservoir idol (Ashina Castle), jump across the tree branches to the left so you land in an enemy fort between a rifleman and a drummer. Behind the drummer walk up to the cliffside and look to the right.

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