Often asked: What To Feed An Abandoned Baby Squirrel?

What kind of milk do you feed a baby squirrel?

The best formula to use is Esbilac or Milk Matrix Zoologic 33/40, or Fox Valley 32/40. Esbilac is the only formula that can be purchased at most pet shops or here at Chris’s Squirrels and More, BUT, we prefer you purchase the Esbilac immediately at a local pet store.

What to feed a baby squirrel that fell out of a tree?

Place uncooked rice or bird seed in a sock and warm in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. Wrap the sock in a soft towel and place it with the baby in an open container [e.g., a box]. Remember, do not give the baby food or water!

What should I do if I find a baby squirrel?

If the baby and/or their nest fell from the tree today, give the mother squirrel a chance to reclaim their young and relocate them to a new nest. If the baby is uninjured, leave them where they are, leave the area, keep people and pets away and monitor them from a safe distance.

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How do you feed newborn squirrels?

Before feeding, make sure the baby squirrel is warm. Baby squirrels cannot digest food when cold. Use O-Ring syringes with Wonder Nipples attached. The steps of feeding are – rehydrate baby first (using homemade fluid), then feed baby (using pedialyte, homemade milk replacers, and then squirrel milk replacers).

Do baby squirrels carry diseases?

Squirrels are known to carry numerous diseases, though only a few are dangerous to humans. Some of the more common include tularemia, typhus, plague, and ringworm. Such diseases are transmitted through bites or other forms of direct contact with infected squirrels.

How do you save a baby squirrel?

To keep the baby squirrel safe while you figure out how to help it, put the squirrel in a small cardboard box with a soft towel or t-shirt. Even on a warm day babies can get cold, so give it a heat source: a clean sock filled with dry, uncooked rice, and microwaved for one minute.

Can you keep a baby squirrel as a pet?

SQUIRRELS ARE NOT PETS! Baby squirrels may be as charming and adorable as kittens or puppies but don’t be fooled by their cute, cuddly nature at this young age. A baby squirrel is a far cry from the adult animal it will become. Trying to raise a baby squirrel as a pet can be disastrous for both you and the squirrel.

Can baby squirrels drink regular milk?

Never feed them human formula, cow’s milk, or milk substitutes. If you aren’t sure on what baby squirrels eat, the best feeding solution you can buy is puppy milk.

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Should you touch a baby squirrel?

Many people believe that if you touch and handle a baby squirrel and the nest, the mother squirrel will not take the baby squirrels back. Not true. Never attempt to handle an adult squirrel as they are excitable creatures and handling causes intense stress. A stressed squirrel may bite or scratch.

Why do baby squirrel follow you?

“Pant tuggers” If a baby squirrel is old enough to be exploring outside of its nest, it is also old enough to be wary of predators like people. When older baby squirrels are orphaned, they get so hungry and desperate that they will run right up to people.

What do newborn squirrels look like?

Depending on their age, infant squirrels may have a short, thin coat of fur or no fur yet at all (see pictures below). They have a thin tail (not bushy) and their eyes may be closed or may have just opened. If you have found an infant squirrel, its best chance for survival is to be reunited with its mother.

Do mother squirrels abandon their babies?

Mother squirrels rarely abandon their babies, but sometimes the stress of having her nest disturbed can scare a squirrel away. Make sure the babies are contained and have a heat source, don’t give them any food or water, and contact a wildlife rehabilitator for advice.

What do you call a baby squirrel?

Baby squirrels Mothers give birth to two to eight offspring at one time. Babies are called kits or kittens and are born blind.

Is cow milk good for baby squirrels?

Never feed the babies any kind of cow’s milk, goat milk, or soymilk. The squirrel should be kept hydrated and be fed puppy replacement milk or kitten replacement milk using a syringe.

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