Often asked: Where Is The Abandoned Factory In Nier Automata?

How do I get to the abandoned factory Nier?

There is a collapsed bridge near the center of the city ruins with an old truck underneath it. Jump on top of the truck and run past the bridge and head left. You’ll arrive at the factory entrance.

How do you get to the factory furnace in Nier?

IIRC, you have to go down in the depths of the factory (where the whole religion quest took place) as 9S to unlock them, as they don’t automatically unlock during that religion quest as 2B. Once you have done so they’ll become available as teleporting locations.

How do you beat buzzsaw Nier?

The buzzsaw will be laying horizontally occasionally throughout the fight, run away from the blade to avoid getting hit and periodically shoot the blades. — Once the blades stop spinning, hit them with your swords to do more damage.

How do I get to 11ment memento?

11B’s Memento Walkthrough Head to the factory in City Ruins and find 11B’s corpse, located near a rock located at the very beginning of the game. Head back to the Bunker and speak with 16D. You can choose to keep her desertion to yourself or tell 16D. If you tell her the truth she will begin laughing and thank you.

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Where are all the weapons in NieR automata?

Machine Heads – Wipe Pascal’s memories as A2. Once you have control over 9S again, go to Pascal’s Village and buy them from him. Emil Heads – Defeat Emil’s first form. That’s all the weapons you can obtain in NieR: Automata.

Where can I find virtuous grief?

There you will find the weapon inside a large, hollow tree. Before going inside stump, you’ll have to face a Lv 33 Medium Biped and several Lv ~30 flyers. After defeating them, inside stump is weapon Virtuous Grief.

Where is the wandering couple NieR?

The Wandering Couple
Type Side Quest
Location Machine Village
Quest Giver Resistance Member
Level 12~

How many chapters are in NieR automata?

The full game is 17 chapters, but the first playthrough concludes at the end of chapter 10.

How do you beat Nier automata prologue?

Use a combination of light and heavy attacks while dodging with double tapping to dispatch of them easily, after which a gigantic machine will attack you. Prepare to dodge it and get as far away from it as possible as it begins it’s rapid drive toward you, then attack it repeatedly, and do this until it’s destroyed.

Where is the first save point in Nier automata?

How To Save In Nier: Automata. After completing the opening mission, you can save by running up to the black terminals in the hallway of the orbital moon base. Saving is also available from the menu screen in any location on the base when the ” Saving Possible” icon appears in the upper-right corner of the screen.

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How do you dodge a Nier automata?

To initiate an Evade;

  1. Double-tap the Auto-run key.
  2. If the timing is right, you will automatically evade.
  3. Alternatively, just spam the Auto-run key.

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