Often asked: Where To Take An Abandoned Cat Torrance?

Where can I surrender my cat in Los Angeles?

Best animal drop off shelter in Los Angeles, CA

  • South LA Animal Shelter. 5.3 mi. 171 reviews.
  • Ken-Mar Rescue. 3.8 mi. 141 reviews.
  • The Amanda Foundation- Dr. Shipp’s Animal Hospital. 4.4 mi.
  • Pet Pride Cat Shelter. 4.6 mi. 46 reviews.
  • NKLA Pet Adoption Center. 7.0 mi. 242 reviews.
  • Los Angeles Animal Services West LA Shelter. 7.1 mi.
  • Burbank Animal Shelter. 8.7 mi.
  • Kitten Rescue. 5.5 mi.

What do you do with an abandoned cat?

Helping Abandoned, Stray Cats and Kittens

  • Make sure the cat or kitten has food, water, and shelter.
  • Call your local animal shelter or humane agency for guidance.
  • List the cat in your local “found” lists.
  • Report abandoned pets to your local law enforcement agency.
  • Try to find the abandoned cat a home.

Will pet stores take unwanted animals?

If behavior is not an issue, and you are simply no longer able to keep your pet, contact the pet store where you purchased it. Because of the recent media attention on the problems caused by pet releases, many pet stores may be willing to take back unwanted pets, rather than risk having it set free.

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Can you surrender a sick cat?

You can surrender your cat by bring him to an open admissions shelter or rescue organization. If ensuring your cat ends up adopted into a loving home is important to you, there is another option that will help your cat be seen by millions of potential adopters.

Do cats laugh?

Cats can ‘t physically laugh, but they do have their own way of letting us know they are enjoying something. The closet sound of joy you may get from a happy cat is purring, which some people like to perceive as laughter.

Can I keep an abandoned cat?

In some cases, cats are sadly abandoned by their owners and may not be welcome in their original home. If you would like to keep the cat, you usually can. As long as the cat is comfortable in your home and happy to make it theirs, there really are no restrictions.

How long until a cat is considered abandoned?

According to the statutory abandonment provisions (Civil Code Section 1834.5), IF AN ANIMAL IS NOT PICKED UP WITHIN 14 DAYS AFTER IT WAS INITIALLY DUE TO BE PICKED UP, IT IS CONSIDERED TO BE ABANDONED.

How long does it take for a cat to forget its owner?

It is widely suggested that a cat has an average short-term memory of 16 hours. This means a cat will potentially remember you 16 hours after meeting you for the first time. This is considerably longer than 27 seconds which was suggested to be average short-term memory span of animals in a 2014 study.

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Where to take my cat if I can’t keep it?

Your local animal shelters or rescue groups may offer low-cost veterinary care or training services or be able to refer you to other organizations that offer these services. Find your local shelters and rescues by visiting The Shelter Pet Project and entering your zip code. Need help with your cat’s behavior?

Will PetSmart take unwanted pets?

PetSmart does not take dogs from the general public. PetSmart Charities partners with local rescues and shelters to find homes for dogs, so when you see adoptable animals in a PetSmart store, they are from one of their partner organizations.

Is it bad to surrender a cat?

Surrendering your pet to a shelter, when you have no other options, is not a sign of giving up or not caring; in a way, it’s a sign of love and caring. They pack up their things and take them to a place where they will be fed and at least have a chance of being adopted and finding a new, loving home.

What is a good reason to give up a cat?

Housing problems — Owners may move to an apartment that doesn’t accept pets, or perhaps there are already too many pets in the household. Family situations — Allergies, divorce and other problems can make it seem like giving up the cat is the only option.

Who will take a sick cat?

Consult a trusted, community cat -friendly veterinarian. A veterinary professional can help evaluate whether a cat needs to be brought to the clinic right away for an illness or injury. Prior to taking any action, contact your chosen veterinarian and describe the cat’s condition.

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Will my cat Miss Me When I give him away?

The short answer is yes, your cat will definitely miss you when you give it away. Depending on the depth of attachment you have with your feline friend, the cat may even attempt to return home, should that be geographically possible.

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