Often asked: Why Was Wod Abandoned?

Why was WOD scrapped?

The systems they developed for Warlords (garrisons namely) had a lot of problems, which caused too much of a delay, so they started cutting content. When it turned out people didn’t like the garrison system, they had to scrap the entire expansion.

Why was draenor destroyed?

Due to the corruption of fel, during the last days of its life, Draenor was referred to as the Red World. When the orc shaman Ner’zhul recklessly opened dimensional portals to find new worlds to conquer, Draenor was torn apart and believed completely lost.

What was scrapped from Warlords of Draenor?

The ogres’ land, a raid involving Grommash, and the train that was going transport people all over Draenor.

Why did we go to Draenor?

Kairoz brought one part ( draenor ) of a possible reality into existence. From there Garrosh established the Iron Horde, which was a threat against our existence. So the connection is always there between us and AU draenor, since it’s now part of our/the reality.

How long were the Draenei on Draenor?

Despite evidence to the contrary, the draenei have only been on Draenor for around 300 years and, having come straight from Dave Kosak himself, we can consider it canon.

How does draenor exist?

The Iron Horde has constructed their own Dark Portal and connected it with Azeroth in 31 ADP through the same dimensional gateway, which originally connected Azeroth with Outland — the destroyed, main universe version of the world.

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Is velen dead?

The original timeline Velen, who is the Draenei faction leader, is still alive, so there won’t be a change in leadership unless the timelines somehow merge or Blizzard decides to stick with the alternate timeline and progress it to the formation of the Alliance and Horde.

How much time passed on Draenor?

The reason why 30 years passed was because when you go to Draenor during the recruitment quest you go there in the current time.

What happened to Draenor after WoD?

Did they ever specify how much time passed between WoD and BfA in Draenor? Alternatel: Following the end of Warlords, there wasn’t really a reason for the forces from Azeroth to stay in Draenor. The threat of the Iron Horde was neutralized, and Draenor was saved.

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