Question: Black Desert Online Who Do I Speak To To Talk To The Priest In The Abandoned Lands?

Where is the abandoned land BDO?

They started to threaten the uninfected ones and eventually the area where they stayed was known as the ” Abandoned Land “, a zone to the northwest of Calpheon City designated to hold the disease. Sadly, the people and fauna from the camp have broken the containment.

Where can I find BDO knowledge?

Beyond that, however, knowledge is typically gained by taking on actions like:

  1. Talking to NPCs around the world.
  2. Fighting and killing enemies to learn of them.
  3. Exploring the world.
  4. Crafting & Gathering.
  5. Reading Books in Libraries.

How do I unlock Bartali log?

To unlock the Adventure Log, you must have completed the main story line of Calpheon and be level 51 or higher. You can then talk to your Black Spirit to accept the Adventure Log quests. Then, to open your Adventure Log, press ESC to open the main menu, then select “Adventure” and then “Adventure Log Bookshelf”.

Where is Miloberry BDO?

– Description: Miloberry is a Fruit Vendor at Lake Flondor. She has the mentality of an artisan, and wants to only sell the most aromatic and sweet fruits. Her dream is to one day have a huge orchard by Lake Flondor.

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How can I get BDO energy?

The easiest way to get Energy is to unlock every node and talk to every NPC in every town. This is pretty easy to do and is by far the fastest method to get your energy up.

How much energy does it take to steal BDO?

If you use ‘5’ Energy to try stealing, you may be able to steal the NPC’s belongings. Black Desert.

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Where can I find lonely Palieva in BDO?

There is no need to fight the mobs: you spawn near a dialogue point where you can exit to Illebab Oasis. Lonely Palieva is a goblin lying front down, half-way up/down the central stairway.

How do you make Grunil armor?

You need 5 ore to create 1–4 shards (2.5 average at artisan level 1) and you need 5 copper shards and 5 zinc shards to create 1–4 ingots (again average 2.5 at artisan level 1). This means that you should get on average 25 bronze ingots for every 100 copper and zinc ore which you process.

How do BDO breed horses?

  1. To begin the Breeding process, select the desired [Male] horse and click on Register at Breeding.
  2. After registering your [Male] horse to the Breeding Market, if you want to have him breed with one of your own [Female] horses and not another Player’s then you must make sure to select Show Only Me.

Who sells fruit in BDO?

– Description: Miloberry is a Fruit Vendor at Lake Flondor. She has the mentality of an artisan, and wants to only sell the most aromatic and sweet fruits.

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Where can I buy fruit in BDO?


  • Apple. Obtained by gathering or bought from Milano Belucci for 1000.
  • Banana. Bought from Milano Belucci for 1000.
  • Cherry. Bought from Milano Belucci for 1000.
  • Grape. Gathered, farmed, or obtained from node.
  • High-Quality Grape. Obtained from farming.
  • High-Quality Strawberry. Farmed or obtained from nodes.
  • Pear.
  • Pineapple.

Where can I buy Apple BDO?

It can be Gathered from Apple Trees using Bare Hands or purchased from a special Merchant. Apple Vendor

  • You can buy Apple from the following NPCs:
  • Milano Belucci in Calpheon 1,000.
  • Miloberry in Lake Flondor 1,000.

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