Question: How To Get To The Abandoned Village Shadow Of The Tomb Raider?

How do you get to the abandoned village crypt?

Finding the crypt From the Abandoned Village base camp, head west across the village. You’re aiming for the southernmost tip of the pond. Climb the wall to the right of the doorway, then follow the path there. Create a zip line for yourself when you get to the pond, then ride it across.

How do you get to the hidden city crypt?

The first crypt of the Hidden City area is near the abandoned village (picture1). Climb the wall north of the village and pull a rope like in the picture (picture2). Then climb along the rocky wall to reach the entrance to the crypt (picture3).

Where are the 3 Quipus grappled?

The third quipu is in the ABANDONED VILLAGE, where you first met Etzli and Unuratu. It is covered in the walkthrough. But if you want to, you can go there any time by following this path through the jungle to the northwest. Another quipu is hanging above the Proficient Yucatec monolith in the southern part of the city.

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What are the 6 Challenges in the hidden city?

  • Challenge 2 – Keep Calm and Carrion. Collect 3 Condor feathers from nests.
  • Challenge 3 – Changing the Weather. Rope-pull 5 frog totems.
  • Challenge 4 – Droping Decimals. Grapple 3 quipus.
  • Challenge 5 – Dunkin’ Bones. Knock down 3 skeletons while climbing the walls.
  • Challenge 6 – Speak of the Dead. Solve 4 crypts.

How do I get to the crypt near belly of the serpent?

To get to the crypt you have to go through caves until you reach a great cliff. From there, you can jump down and fall straight into the water or go up the stairs around you. However, if you go down the stairs you will have to jump into the water anyway.

Where is Etzli city of the serpent?

CITY OF THE SERPENT – SPEAK WITH ETZLI. Lara returns to Etzli and Uchu in Paititi where you’ll begin at Skull Cave. You can prepare here for everything you might need before the long battle ahead. When you’re ready to leave, find Etzli standing by the alter to begin the final mission.

How do you complete city of the serpent?

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: City of the Serpent Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Etzli. This is the point of no return.
  2. Swim through the Irrigation System. One final dive in the main campaign for us.
  3. Go to the Crimson Fire. When emerging, Lara calls Jonah on the radio and gives her status.
  4. Follow the Yaaxil to the Pyramid.
  5. Confront Dominguez.
  6. Defeat Trinity.
  7. Climb the Pyramid.
  8. Stop Dominguez.

How do I get to speak of the dead?

This part of the Shadow of the Tomb Raider walkthrough is devoted to the Speak of the Dead Challenge: you must simply explore four of the five crypts of the Hidden City. Once the treasures are recovered, you will automatically complete this challenge.

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How do you solve the mirror in Tomb Raider?

Jump to the pickaxe wall to the left of the pole, then climb up to ledge above. Jump over to the pole, then cross all the way back to Mirror 1. Turn Mirror 1 to the left to restore the path to Mirror 2 and cross it. Turn Mirror 2 to the right to also point at the pole to Mirror 1.

How do you leave the ancient aqueduct in shadow of the Tomb Raider?

Just swim down and pull the handle on the left side of the pool to drain the water.

Where are the frog totems in Tomb Raider?

The Hidden City – Challenge: Changing the Weather For this challenge, you must pull down 5 purple clay frog totems, all of which can be found in the southwest section of the city.

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