Question: My Time At Portia How To Find Abandoned Rooms?

How do I get to the abandoned ruins in my time at Portia?

You can find Abandoned Ruins 1 under the Church of the Light building and behind the A&G Construction building. It has an entrance fee of 200 gols per week, and if you want to refresh the mine, then you will have to pay additional 20 gols for the reset.

How do I get to the desert abandoned ruins Portia?

The Desert Abandoned ruins can be found in the middle of the Eufaula Desert after completing The Portia Bridge mission.

How do I upgrade my Portia scanner?

The scanner can be updated at the elevator panel outside any Abandoned Ruins by pressing the key/button shown on the console. The player will receive a letter in the mail stating that an upgrade is available.

How do I get ack Portia?

If accepted, Ack can be hired to help with domestic work and resource gathering for a monthly fee. The following items can be acquired from Ack:

  1. Wood from gathering tree branches.
  2. Stone from gathering rocks.
  3. Completed items from crafting stations.
  4. Harvested items from plants/trees/farm animals.
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Where is the tunnel in my time at Portia?

The Eufaula Tunnel mission can be obtained after completing the The Portia Bridge mission. You can pick it up from the Commission Board at the Commerce Guild a few days after the Portia Bridge mission.

Where are the hazardous ruins Portia?

The hazardous ruins are located in the north east, in the collapsed wasteland(red circle). To access the collapsed wasteland walk up to the gate (black circle) and you will receive a quest, granting you access upon completion.

What do I do with relics Portia?

Complete relics can also be donated to the Museum, but only one of each relic. Donating relics to the museum rewards the player with Workshop Rank points.

What should I do first in my time at Portia?

7 Tips for Getting Started in My Time At Portia

  1. Fix your house. When you start My Time at Portia, your house’s floor will be full of holes.
  2. Focus on gathering at first.
  3. Get more backpack space.
  4. Make and sell stone furniture.
  5. Upgrade your tools.
  6. Make copies of your workstations.
  7. Be organized.

Where is the industrial engine Portia?

Industrial Engine can be obtained by clearing Sewage Plant or Ingall’s Mine levels. One is always guaranteed to drop each time level 3 or 4 of the Sewage Plant or the Upper Level of Ingall’s Mine is completed, and more may be found in the treasure chests on any level of either Hazardous Ruin at random.

Where is Marble my time at Portia?

Marble is obtained by using any pickaxe to quarry rocks of any size, especially darker rocks, that are found on the ground lining the outside of the Portia walls or strewn around the rim of the collapsed lake in the Collapsed Wasteland.

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