Quick Answer: Abandoned Dungeon Who To Send?

Who should I lure to the abandoned dungeon?

The first NPC you can lure is Jinzaemon Kumano, a noble warrior who patrols the moat. He can be found near the entrance to the well in which you started the game, reached from the Ashina Reservoir idol. If you’ve already defeated the Lone Shadow Longswordsman, he’ll then move forward to within the Abandoned Dungeon.

What do you do in the abandoned dungeon?

You can now travel to Abandoned Dungeon – Bottomless Hole and lure Jinzaemon Kumano to the surgeon, or go to Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo and lure Kotaro. Delivering an NPC to them nets you 3x Lump of Fat and makes Doujun move away, his spot replaced by an Eavesdropping opportunity after you rest.

How do I get into the abandoned dungeon entrance?

If you haven’t already, you can find easy access to the Abandoned Dungeon just to the left of the Ashina Castle Sculptor’s Idol, by crossing the bridge over the Reservoir and taking out the Taro Troop Brute and his Attack Dogs (use the Loaded Spear and you can rip out his armor).

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Should I give Kuro The Sakura droplet?

Alone the Sakura Droplet is just another item. However, if you give it to either Kuro or the Divine Child, you will activate an additional resurrection node, from 2 to 3.

Should I lure Jinzaemon to the abandoned dungeon?

You can interact with him, but he will only respond with sounds. If you don’t lure him to Abandoned Dungeon: he will eventually sit on a ground right before O’rin of the Water (near the Water Mill Sculptor’s Idol in Mibu Village).

Is abandoned dungeon optional?

Abandoned Dungeon becomes available after completing the Ashina Castle. Abandoned Dungeon is more of a transition area but it has some secrets and an optional boss fights that you might not want to miss. Moreover, there is a side quest that you might want to complete.

Is Shichimen Warrior optional?

Shichimen Warrior #1 | Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Boss Fight Sekiro guide, walkthrough. The following description of the duel with Shichimen Warrior boss describes an optional encounter with this boss in the Ashina Depths, which is only available after a full inspection and completion of the storyline in the Mibu Village

How do I get to the abandoned dungeon bottomless hole?

Abandoned Dungeon – Bottomless Hole From the Ashina Reservoir idol (Ashina Castle), jump across the tree branches to the left so you land in an enemy fort between a rifleman and a drummer. Behind the drummer walk up to the cliffside and look to the right.

What happens if you kill the guy in the dungeon Sekiro?

Combat: Players may kill Doujun before finishing his quest, but it is not recommended as doing so will result in permanent failure of his questline, as well as Jinzaemon or Kotaro’s if the player has sent either to him.

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How do you get to Kongo Sekiro?

Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo is accessed via the Abandoned Dungeon, by taking a lift after swimming past the Underground Waterway Idol. As you arrive, commune with the Senpou Temple Idol to unlock the location for respawns and travel.

What should I do with the Sakura droplet?

Where do I use the Sakura Droplet? After you defeat Genichiro Ashina, give the Sakura Droplet to Kuro the Divine Heir at the top of Ashina Castle, and you’ll receive an addition Resurrective Power node.

What do I do with the Sakura droplet?

Sakura Droplet is a Key Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to increase the Resurrective Power of Sekiro.

How do you use Dragon’s blood droplet?

Dragon’s Blood Droplet usage Use at a Sculptor’s Idol alongside the Recovery Charm to give as an offering to heal those afflicted by the Dragonrot. If used from the inventory, the item will be consumed and the player will be unable to cure NPCs until finding another droplet.

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