Quick Answer: About How Far Had The Inmates Been Run When They Reached The Abandoned Village?

How far did the prisoners run that first night?

How far did the prisoners run that first night? According to the Commandant, the prisoners ran twenty kilometers that first night. When they arrived at the abandoned village, the prisoners all wanted to just collapse and sleep. Elie knew this was dangerous.

Why is the long run in the snow especially difficult for Elie?

They are very hard and dangerous because of the cold. It was a winter storm and they had little clothing. What happened to anyone who could not keep up with the march? Anyone who couldn’t keep up with the march was shot to death.

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How many miles did the prisoners walk in the snow?

How many miles did the prisoners walk in the snow? The prisoners walked 42 miles.

How long did they stay in Gleiwitz without food?

They stayed at Gleiwitz for three days without food or drink, and then are going to be deported into the center of Germany.

How does Juliek die?

Juliek is a young man from Warsaw who played the violin in the Buna band, which is where Eliezer met him for the first time. Later he is transported with Eliezer to Buchenwald but he dies en route in the barracks at Gleiwitz. The night he dies, he plays his violin.

What was Elie’s father’s last words?

At dawn on January 29, Elie wakes and discovers that another invalid occupies his father’s bunk. He assumes that his father has been taken to the crematory and recalls that his father’s final word was “Eliezer.” Too weary for tears, Elie realizes that death has liberated him from a doomed, irretrievable burden.

Does Juliek actually play a concert?

Initially, the sound of Juliek’s voice reminds Eliezer of the past, of orchestras and music and concerts prior to the concentration camps. Instead, his life played out its review in his music. His whole being was gliding over the strings. His unfulfilled hopes.

Why does Elie ask a lady not to throw money to the poor?

Why does Elie, some years later, ask a lady not to throw money out to the poor? Because the kids were hurting each other for the money, and it reminded him of his fellow prisoners doing so for food. You just studied 4 terms!

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What stares back at Elie at the end of the novel?

What stares back at Elie at the end of the novel? Elie’s reflection stares back at him, described as a ‘living corpse’.

What happened between Rabbi eliahou and his son?

What happens between Rabbi Eliahou and his son? The son abandoned his father when it looked as though his father, would not make it. He realizes that he and his father might be put into the same situation. You just studied 13 terms!

What horrible realization did Elie come to concerning Rabbi eliahou and his son?

Eliezer’s horrible realization, which he didn’t share with the poor rabbi, is that he did see the rabbi’s son in the crowd–and the son did notice that his father was falling behindand the son just let it happen.

Why was Auschwitz night evacuated?

In chapter 5 of Night, the camp is evacuated because the Red Army is fast approaching. Those who stayed behind in the hospital are liberated by the Russians.

Why does Elie’s father smile?

When Eliezer falls asleep, his dad wakes him and warns him not to fall asleep—it’s dangerous to sleep in the snow. To sleep means death. Eliezer’s father smiles at him, and Eliezer wonders from which world the smile comes. This is his admission that his father hovers between life and death.

Why does Elie’s father wake him up when he is sleeping on the snow?

He was shot by the SS and then trampled to death. Why does Elie’s father wake him up when he is sleeping on the snow? It is dangerous to sleep in the snow because you might not wake up. Elie attempts to wrestle the other prisoners for pieces of bread.

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Why do the prisoners use spoons to eat snow off of each others backs?

The SS men were watching the prisoners eat the snow off of their neighbors back with spoons so that they would not be thirsty since they could not bend down.

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