Quick Answer: How To Purchase Abandoned Property In Sri Lanka?

Who can buy property in Sri Lanka?

Foreigners can freely buy properties as long as they are willing to pay the Land Tax for foreigners at 100% of the property value. An alternative is to lease the land for 99 years, bringing the tax down to 7%. When buying property, it is important to hire a lawyer, who will prepare the contract.

How can I buy a house in Sri Lanka?


  1. Know Where to Look for the Best Property Deals.
  2. Get in Touch with the Seller for Further Inquiries.
  3. Go for an Inspection to See the House for Yourself.
  4. If the Property is Good, then Investigate the Neighborhood.
  5. Get in Touch With a Lawyer or a Notary.

Can a foreigner sell property in Sri Lanka?

Foreigners can purchase freehold property in Sri Lanka – even with the 2014 law ( Land Act No. 38, October 2014). The company structure allows the foreign investor to freely purchase, develop, rent and sell the property and collect all profits from running and selling the property holding company.

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How do I sell my property in Sri Lanka?

Beginner’s Guide to Selling a Property in Sri Lanka

  1. Value The Land. Valuation is crucial when it comes to selling property in Sri Lanka where the government requires every property sold to be valued before sale.
  2. Let People Know. Buyers choose different channels to find properties; offline and online.
  3. Present the Property.
  4. Paperwork.

Can I retire to Sri Lanka?

‘My Dream Home’ programme is promoted by the Government of Sri Lanka to allow people from all over the world, who fulfill a certain criteria to retire in Sri Lanka. It allows the retiree to live in the country under a long term resident visa, issued in two year blocks.

What is the cost of living in Sri Lanka?

Summary: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,296$ (255,373Rs) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 370$ (73,012Rs) without rent. Cost of living in Sri Lanka is, on average, 56.67% lower than in United States.

How much does a house in Sri Lanka cost?

The average sale price of houses in Sri Lanka was LKR13. 8 million (US$124,026), according to Lanka Property Web, one of the country’s leading property portals. The average price of apartments was LKR12.

How much does it cost to build a house in Sri Lanka?

Average Cost To Build A House in Sri lanka The average cost to build a house is between Rs. 4500/= to Rs. 6600/= per square foot depending on your location, size of the home, and if modern or custom designs are used.

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What are the requirement to get citizenship in Sri Lanka?

Citizenship can be obtained through marriage by the spouse or the widow/widower of a citizen of Sri Lanka by descent or registration. Persons who have rendered distinguished public service or are eminent in professional, commercial, industrial, or agricultural life, may be granted citizenship through naturalisation.

Is dual citizenship allowed in Sri Lanka?

Dual Citizenship is applicable to a person whose citizenship of Sri Lanka has ceased under the section 19, 20 or 21 of the Citizenship Act No 18 of 1948 or a person whose Citizenship of Sri Lanka is likely to cease. Dual citizenship is granted in terms of the provisions of Citizenship Act No.

Can foreigners live in Sri Lanka?

All you need to know before moving to Sri Lanka. Foreign nationals moving to Sri Lanka will find that the lifestyle in this country is very different from what they are used to. In general, expats need to obtain a residence visa if they plan to reside in the country for work purposes.

How can I settle in Sri Lanka?

To obtain a residence visa, the applicant must enter Sri Lanka on an entry visa issued by a Sri Lanka diplomatic mission abroad. Entry visa will be issued by the Embassy only upon approval by the Controller General of Immigration and Emigration.

How do I write an advertisement for land sale?

Sale / Purchase Advertisement Examples

  1. Begin with for Sale / Purchase or Available/ Wanted.
  2. Mention the type of accommodation/Vehicle/ House-hold item.
  3. Give a brief physical description.
  4. End with contact address & phone numbers.
  5. Property (Specific details)
  6. Vehicle: (Specific details)
  7. Household Goods: (Specific details)
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How can I sell my land online for free?

If you are not looking to spend any money listing your land there are some free options for selling your land online as well, the biggest and most well know being Craigslist. There are a number of real estate listing on craigslist and it may be a good option for selling your land.

What is stamp duty in Sri Lanka?

For every load 100% the value not exceeding Rs.50,000.00 – Rs. 3.00. For the Value exceeding Rs. 50,000.00 – Rs. 2.00.

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