Quick Answer: What Do I Do To Get The Quest For The Abandoned Lodge In Solstheim?

How do you get into the abandoned lodge in solstheim?

This key is carried by one of the Thalmor soldiers guarding the Abandoned Lodge. It opens the door to the lodge.

How do I start the Stalhrim quest?

This will start the quest.”:) Basically, when you enter the village, wait for Deor Woodcutter and Fanari Strong Voice to finish the conversation, then talk to Deor about Baldor going missing. As Metallica said, if you disrupted the convo, you will mess the quest and game over.

Why can’t I start the quest a new source of Stalhrim?

If it doesnt start soon try going to skyrim and muckin about for a while then go back. Or if youre worried about losing more gameplay take the safe road and load a previous save. Fanari Strong-Voice and Deor Woodcutter both need to be alive for the quest to active.

Where is the abandoned house in Raven Rock?

The Abandoned Building is a derelict building on the outskirts of Raven Rock. Upon arriving in Raven Rock, the building will initially be unoccupied. After the Earth Stone has been cleansed during the quest “Cleansing the Stones,” Bralsa Drel and Rirns Llervu will take up residence.

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Where is the abandoned lodge in Skyrim?

The Abandoned Lodge is an old, unused hunting lodge located northeast of Bloodskal Barrow and southwest of Frostmoon Crag. It is an abandoned shack built in the traditional Nordic style found in Skyrim.

Is Stalhrim better than daedric?

Stahlrim armor is better simply because it weighs less and can be crafted and improved at a lower level than Daedric or Dragon. The armor value is irrelevant due to the fact that fortify enchanting, alchemy and smithing potion can increase your armor value well over the cap.

Should I kill Ancarion Skyrim?

You will be given the option to kill them or speak with their leader, Ancarion. Depending on your Speech skill, you can order him to leave Solstheim or you can agree to sell him stalhrim weapons and armor. If you fail the Speech check however, Ancarion and his soldiers will turn hostile.

Is Stalhrim better than Dragon Bone?

if you have good enchanting and use chaos + frost enchantment on your weapons, then Stalhrim is better. If you don’t use enchanting and/or don’t have chaos damage unlocked, dragonbone is better because it has higher base damage. Dragonbone has higher base damage, Stalhrim is much lighter.

Where is the new source of Stalhrim?

A New Source of Stalhrim is a quest given to the Dragonborn by Deor Woodcutter, in the Skaal Village. The Thalmor have kidnapped the Skaal village blacksmith, known as Baldor Iron-Shaper, and want him to reveal how to forge weapons from Stalhrim.

Where is fanari strong-voice?

Fanari Strong – Voice is a Nord living in the Greathall at Skaal Village. She is the chief of the village. If you save her from the Wind Stone successfully, she will return to Greathall. You can talk to her and she may ask you to kill some Bandits to help the Skaal.

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How do you ask DEOR about Baldor’s disappearance?

After completing The Fate of Skaal, wait for a few days and head to the Skaal Village. After getting there, you should hear Deor Woodcutter and Fanari Strong-Voice talking about the disappearance of the local blacksmith – Baldor Iron-Shapera.

Does Stalhrim regenerate?

Their stock of Stalhrim, usually only two or three at a time, replenishes every week.

Does the Stalhrim source regenerate?

The site is an ancient burial ground containing ten sarcophagi packed with Stalhrim. Note that one of the sarcophagi is half buried in snow and only the Draugr head is visible, but it can still be looted. The deposits will replenish after ten days.

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