Quick Answer: What If I Do Abandoned Hut Quest Before Bitter Rival?

Can you bring Tartuccio in alive?

You can ‘t.

What was Tartuccio looking for?

Biography. Tartuccio is a gnome sorcerer and not-so-secret spy for Pitax sent by King Irovetti to search for an artifact he required for his patron. A secondary goal of Tartuccio’s was to sow disorder in the Stolen Lands and/or claim a barony of his own to be annexed by Pitax later on.

Where can I find Tartuccio?

Now outside, the trail to Tartuccio is looking thin. Pass the Nature checks if possible then head down into the gully where you’ll find a transformed Tartuccio (now a kobold) and his minions awaiting you. They’ll go down easy; afterward, take the north exit out and travel to the Old Sycamore.

How do you unlock the Temple of the elk?

Basically you need to make sure you explore Thorn Ford entirely as the bandits you need to find are right up off the track near a corner, once you defeat/loot them, you will discover a new location where you meet the Dryad again, finding the appropriate notes there will reveal Temple of the Elk to you.

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Does Tartuccio die?

Damn, he can ‘t die. Put it on unfair, rolled up a new character, and in the first fight where you get to control him, I had my character and Linzi run out of the room so he took all the attacks, but once the fight was over he just stood up.

How do you kill the viscount in Smoulderburn?

The dagger works well because it’s magical. You can punch through his DR with any magical weapon. Also, the dagger is found in the west side of old sycamore not in the caves below. Since you only hit on a 20 anyway, I recommend giving your melee characters two weapons for additional attacks.

Where is the Stag Lord kingmaker?

Stag Lord is an enemy in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Stag Lord
Class Ranger
Location Stag Lord’s Fort
Quests Stolen Land Riverbed Nightmare

Where is Stag Lord’s fortress?

Stag Lord’s Fort
Region(s) Shrike Hills, Stolen Lands, River Kingdoms, Avistan
Terrain Urban
Quest(s) Riverbed Nightmare Stolen Land

Where is the mite queen Pathfinder?

The queen is in the north east corner, anyway. Edit if you are walking too slowly, just unload some gear around, you’ll be able to loot again once exiting the area.

What level should I be for the Temple of the elk?

If you come here after finishing the Old Sycamore, you should be level 4 and these enemies should be easy.

How do you kill Primal dire boar?

Boars are often hunted for their flesh, which is considered delicious by most humanoids. Those who hunt boars often do so with a special spear fitted with a cross beam to prevent an impaled boar from pushing forward along the spear shaft to gore its tormentor.

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Where is the technic league camp?

Technic League Encampment
Region(s) North Narlmarches, Stolen Lands, River Kingdoms, Avistan
Terrain Forest
Quest(s) Hand of the Technic League Obliteration (Quest)

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