Quick Answer: Where Is The Abandoned Bilding In Varrock?

Where are the moss giants in varrock sewers?

Digging near the cauldron by the moss giants under Varrock Sewers (with a slash weapon, knife, or 51 Agility for the shortcut pipe from Edgeville Dungeon ) is the solution to a hard cryptic clue: My giant guardians below the market streets would be fans of rock and roll, if only they could grab hold of it.

Where is the key in varrock sewers?

Just go up the stairs in the kitchen, and an empty bucket is sitting next to a bed in a room by the stairs. You can use the kitchen sink to fill the bucket with water. This will cause the key to fall into the sewer and the player must go to the Varrock Sewers, Go to the west passage near, the river is the key.

Is there a knife in varrock sewers?

The Varrock Sewers are a sewer network composed of a large network of tunnels under the city of Varrock. The Varrock Sewers are a fairly large multi-combat dungeon filled with low to mid-level monsters. A knife or sharp-object (e.g. Scimitar) is required to access certain parts of the sewer to cut a spider web.

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Can you cannon in varrock sewers?

I used moss giants under varrock sewers is multi combat and safe-spotable or you can cannon the ogres in biohazard training camp.

How do I get to draynor sewers?

The sewers can be accessed from the trapdoor on the northwest side of Draynor Village or the trapdoor next to the jail east of Draynor Village.

Where do I fight Moss Giants?


  • Varrock Sewer (10)
  • Crandor (3; requires Dragon Slayer)
  • Brimhaven Dungeon (17)
  • West of Fishing Guild (4)
  • Moss Giant Island, west of Brimhaven (5; 10 Agility required)
  • Pirates’ Cove (level 48) (Requires partial completion of Lunar diplomacy)
  • Catacombs of Kourend (9)

How do you get the captain Rovin key in RuneScape?

It is acquired from Captain Rovin after the player has started the quest and has asked Sir Prysin for the location of the keys. This key is the easiest of the three to acquire. Captain Rovin is on the topmost tower on the west side of the castle. Choose the correct phases to say, then Captain Rovin will give the key.

How do you get Silverlight on RuneScape?

Silverlight can be traded on RuneScape Classic. It is possible to keep Silverlight after Shadow of the Storm; one way to achieve this is to have Silverlight in your bank while you use another to kill Agrith-Naar. Another way is to obtain Silverlight normally from Gideon Bede, even after completing Shadow of the Storm.

Where do I get a knife in varrock?

Spawn points

  • Lumbridge, behind the axe store.
  • Lumbridge castle’s kitchen and kitchen cellar.
  • House south-west of Seers’ Village bank.
  • The general store in Karamja.
  • North of Rellekka near the rock crabs, though they are hard to see here due to size.
  • Up the ladder of the Varrock General Store.
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What level are giants in Runescape?

There are two Hill Giants present in level 17-18 Wilderness; however, very few people go there because of the dangerous player killers in the area and its far distance from any bank. The closest bank for most Hill Giants in the Wilderness is in Edgeville. They are aggressive to players below combat level 57.

How do I get to varrock?

Varrock can be entered through the north gate from the Wilderness, through the east gate, through the south gate from Lumbridge, and through the west gate from Barbarian Village. Each entrance has level 21 guards surrounding it.

What are Moss Giants weak to?

Moss giants are fairly large creatures that live in Gielinor. They attack with melee and have a weakness to fire spells.

Where are red spiders Osrs?

The spiders found in Varrock Sewers are a popular training spot for free-to-play, as they reside in a multicombat area and aggressive to low levels.

Where is the cannon in Moss Giants?

A good place to place the cannon is in the clearing on the south of the island. If the player then stands to the west of it, the cannon will rotate and shoot two of the moss giants, while another will spawn on top of the cannon for the player to attack themselves.

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