Readers ask: How To Get The New Abandoned Warehouse In Stick Rpg 2?

How do you get into the old abandoned warehouse in Stick RPG 2?

You will need the key to get in, which you can get from fighting the Drunken Warehouse Bandit in Skye’s Bar at night. Clearing out the Old Abandoned Warehouse yields a packet of Coca, increased Strength, Charm and money.

Where is the mobster tower in Stick RPG 2?

Mobster Tower is a one of the Combat Zones and the headquarters of the major antagonistic faction Mobster in Stick RPG 2. Located in Island 2, just besides the Cozy Condo. Just like all other combat zones this zone will get harder as you play it more.

How do I get the key to mobster Tower?

To obtain the key, you must battle the group of Eastside Mobsters seen hanging out near Vinnie’s in the 3rd Island. Before you could battle them, you must have a certain amount of strength points. Winning the battle will give you the Mobster Tower Key.

How do you get a hyperdrive in Stick RPG 2?

In order to get the Nanobots, you need a card to get into the Benjamin Club ($50,000 or $25,000 with cheats) AND you need to buy the Nanobots from the dealer who hangs in there ($45,500 or $22,750 with cheats). He is found from the afternoon till late.

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How do I get the new abandoned warehouse key?

To get the New Warehouse Key, gather 750 strength and go to the Dangling Pianist in the evening or night. Talk to the orange people at the table (make sure they have a quest icon above their head) and accept the deal. Even if you don’t go to the New Warehouse, you get a free 7500 dollars!

How do you get the hammer in Stick RPG 2?

The Heavy Sledge Hammer is a powerful weapon. It has a strong attack and moderate range. You can make it from combining Einsteinium and the Old Weathered Sledgehammer.

Where do you get weapons in Stick RPG 2?

Arms Dealer Larry is an arms dealer found on the Second Island, behind a building across from Skye’s Bar. He is there only at night only but may not sometimes be there. He is also found at The Dangling Pianist (Directors Cut Only), in the men’s bathroom. He sells Weapons.

How do you get the glowing sword in Stick RPG 2?

Obtaining. Located on the Fourth Island, in the Dangling Pianist, in men’s restroom is Arms Dealer Larry. He sells the Glowy Sword for 3100$ (1550$ with cheats) along with Minigun, Electro Helmet and Prototype Railgun.

How do you get the 4d hypercube in Stick RPG 2?

The 4-Dimensional Hypercube is an item in Stick RPG 2. It is one of the fourth-dimensional items that must be purchased and delivered to Professor Ansel. The Hypercube can be bought from A Dimensional Drifter, who will appear sometime in the afternoon or evening, selling it for $100,000 bucks.

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