Readers ask: My Friends Have Abandoned Me For Dragon Age, What Do I Do?

How do I get varric approval?

In general, you can gain Varric ‘s approval by being friendly with him, supporting him during and after the fight with Cassandra, and occasionally joking with him, or being witty in conversations with others with him in the party.

How do I get Cassandra’s approval?

Cassandra Approves

  1. Charge with the soldiers in the Frostback Mountains during The Wrath of Heaven. (
  2. Go to Redcliffe Castle and accept mages as conscripts.
  3. Go to Therinfal Redoubt and ally with the templars.
  4. Say you’ll be a “servant of faith” when made Inquisitor.
  5. Exile the Wardens after securing Adamant.

Can you kick Vivienne out of the Inquisition?

IIRC, she will hate you but you can ‘t kick her out.

How do I get Solas approval?

To gain Approval with Solas, approach him in Haven as soon as you are able to move freely. He will express his concern that the Inquisition will arrest him for being an apostate mage. Reassure him by selecting the romance option “You can trust me.”

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How old is varric?

Evangeline estimates his age as 20 in her codex entry written in 9:40, making him 21 at the time of Inquisition. Varric: His family was exiled “as the Blessed Age drew to a close” and he was born after that, and he published his first serial in 9:18, making him probably mid-forties.

How do you befriend Merrill?

Merrill’s friendship can be gained by:

  1. Siding with the mages or the elves in quests.
  2. Choosing options that favor blood magic or demons.
  3. By being agreeable to her in conversation.

Can I still romance Cassandra if I side with the mages?

Yup. I sided with the mages, but still romanced Cassandra. You just can ‘t constantly be going against her. Also doing her companion quest gives you a ton of approval.

Do you truly believe you are the makers chosen?

Do not delude yourself. Now we have been shown up by our own templars, in front of everyone. And my fellow clerics have scattered to the wind, along with their convictions. Hevara (to faithful PC): Just tell me one thing: do you truly believe you are the Maker’s chosen?

Who can romance Cassandra?

You can romance with Cassandra only if you play as a male, regardless of your race.

What happens if you give Vivienne the fake heart?

If Inquisitor gives Vivienne the real heart, the next conversation the Inquisitor initiates with Vivienne relates to her history with her lover. If given the common wyvern heart, Vivienne will reveal that she’s aware of the Inquisitor’s duplicity. Further approval gains and losses can be seen here.

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What happens if you tell Sera to leave?

The Inquisitor can threaten her or tell her to leave which causes her to leave the Inquisition. Alternatively, the Inquisitor can convince her to stay for the sake of the “little people” she wishes to protect. If her approval continues to drop, she will eventually leave the Inquisition on her own.

Is Vivienne good Dragon Age Inquisition?

Vivienne is a powerful mage you recruit in Dragon Age: Inquisition. This is because many players tend to side with mages over templars, and Vivienne can come across as power hungry and snooty. Despite this though, many still recognize her as a good character. She is well-written.

Did Solas sleep with the Inquisitor?

For my Lavellan, the answer is yes. She and Solas definitely had sex. Inquisition takes place over the span of three years – so yeah, definitely long enough for a serious romantic/sexual relationship.

Is Solas a bad guy?

He serves as a protagonist of Dragon Age: Inquisition, before being revealed as the true villain of the DLC Tresspasser and as Fen’Harel, thus making him the overarching antagonist of the first 2 games, as he is responsible for the plights of the modern elves.

Can you still romance Solas if you keep the wardens?

You can piss Solas off no end with your major decisions and as long as you keep asking questions in his presence and bringing him along when you ‘re helping people you ‘ll be fine. I romanced Solas in my first playthrough and kept the Wardens. No issues.

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