Readers ask: What Happened To Rand In Abandoned Village Great Hunt?

Where does Rand go in the great hunt?

Rand and his group travel through Cairhien, along with Selene, who keeps mysteriously disappearing. After reaching the capital at Cairhien, Rand finds Thom Merrilin, a gleeman whom he thought had been killed by a Myrddraal, but who had actually survived the encounter.

Does Rand ever get hand back?

No. He does not get his hand back.

Does Rand’s wound ever heal?

After killing Rahvin, Nynaeve Heals Rand’s wounds, with all five powers, Healing all the new wounds, but changing nothing about the one he received at Falme. After Fain injures Rand, Cadsuane slightly Heals him and Corele does it further but she thinks he will die.

Does Rand die in Wheel of Time?

Nynaeve announces that Rand is dead. Lan comforts her. Nynaeve confronts Aviendha who is discussing her vision with the other Wise Ones. Aviendha tells her that Rand has woken from the dream, as we all must.

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Who did Rand kill in the great hunt?

Rand takes Callandor, proving himself the Dragon Reborn, and, with it, kills Ba’alzamon. Rand thinks he has killed the Dark One, who he believes was Ba’alzamon, but Moiraine tells him that the Dark One is not human, and therefore cannot have been Ba’alzamon, because Ba’alzamon left behind a corpse.

Who killed Lanfear?

She died in 999 NE after Moiraine Damodred pushed her into the doorway ter’angreal of the Eelfinn.

How did rand light his pipe at the end?

I took his lighting of the pipe without the one power as a sign of the following: He no longer has access to, or the need to channel/weave the one power. He is either burned out or his new body cannot access it. He has used the True Source from the Dark One, so now he has learned he can also use the Creators power.

Are Rand and Elayne related?

Family tree. Taringail Damodred was married twice: first to Tigraine Mantear, with whom he fathered Galad Damodred, and then to Morgase Trakand who bore Gawyn and Elayne. Although Galad is half brother both to Rand and to Gawyn and Elayne, Rand is only very distantly related to Elayne by their common ancestor.

How old is Rand Al Thor at the end?

The series starts in 998 NE and ends 1000 NE. * Rand, Mat, and Perrin all turn 20 around the end of The Great Hunt. ** There is evidence in the book that Faile was originally written younger (14-15) but it seems this was changed in later publications.

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Who does Perrin marry?

Perrin was married to Faile at this point, and Berelain would later cause him considerable grief by trying to get him for herself. Rand, Bera Harkin, Kiruna Nachiman: One caught Min’s eye when it flashed around both women at the same instant, brownish yellow and deep purple.

How strong is Rand Al Thor?

1: Rand Al ‘ Thor’s power level is, roughly, ‘Stronger Than You’ for all values of ‘you’ – which is to say in a one on one fight with no funny business and no angreal, he would win. If Egwene had a sa’angreal

Who helped Rand Al Thor Shadar Logoth?

Moridin helped Rand in Shadar Logoth. He wanted to keep Rand alive for Tarmon Gai’dan. He is the only of the Forsaken who truly understands what the Dark One wants in Rand, hence him being Nae’blis and such great access to the True Power.

Does Rand survive last battle?

In the Last Battle itself, Rand wins. He realizes that the Dark One a) can never win but b) is a necessary part of the universe. One wanted to live, the other wanted to die, but Rand also just learned all of the DO’s secrets, one of which was transmogrification.

Who helped Rand die?

After the Last Battle, it is revealed that the vision of Alivia helping Rand to die means that she helps him disappear. She secretly fetches him clothes and money to start his new life.

Does Tam know Rand is alive?

During this time the only people that know he’s alive are Min (who travels with him sometimes), Elayne, Avi and his children (whom he visits frequently). After a few decades when Tam is old and dying Rand goes back to the Two Rivers and tells Tam about everything he’s done / everywhere he’s been since the Last Battle.

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