Readers ask: What Hostage Should I Kill When Astrid Instructs Me So In The Abandoned House In Skyrim?

Which person should I kill for Astrid?

Killing Astrid will lead to unlock the quest Destroy the Dark Brotherhood and you’ll find details in its description. The most obvious solution is to agree for Astrid’s demands. There are three people held in the shack (screen above): Fultheim the Fearless, Alea Quintus and Vasha.

Which one of the captives should I kill in Skyrim?

In truth, it doesn’t matter which captive (s) you choose. You won’t encounter any of them again (unless you return to the shack, and even then you won’t be able to learn more). If you kill one or more of them, Astrid will give you the password to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary’s “The Black Door”.

What happens if you kill Astrid in the abandoned shack?

TIL if you kill Astrid in the Abandoned Shack, you start a Penitus Occulatus quest I would LOVE to see this redone. You kill Astrid, and then find the Sanctuary empty, but with information on all of the members. You then work with Maro to hunt down the rest of them that have gone into hiding.

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Who should I kill in the abandoned shack?

Killing the Khajiit may ease the consciences of some, but for others there is always the option of killing Astrid. Kill Astrid and you will find the key to escape the shack on her body, the quest for the Dark Brotherhood will come up as failed

Can you marry Astrid?

Nope. First of all she is already married and he is essential until he dies in the quest where you destroy the dark brotherhood or when the Pentius Oculatus does. In both of these quests, Astrid dies in them anyway, so you can ‘t keep her husband alive without her dying.

Should I kill Cicero or Astrid?

Though shell not kill the Dark Brotherhood or it’s members. She kills everyone and almost kills you and Cicero. The punishment for breaking the Tenets according to Sithis in Oblivion is expulsion from the Dark Brotherhood or death. This is why you must kill her Cicero is the head of the Dark Brotherhood not her.

Can you adopt Aventus Aretino?

You can now adopt Aventus Aretino. Speak to him in the Aretino Residence after completing the quest Innocence Lost. IMPORTANT NOTE: Once Aventus is adopted the game treats him just like any other adopted kid. To unadopt him you can ‘t just disable this mod; you ‘ll need to do something that allows you to unadopt any kid.

Is it better to join the Dark Brotherhood or destroy it?

You get WAY more stuff if you join, but if you’re RPing or whatever then by all means. But you’ll obviously will get more loot/money/quests by not destroying one of the main factions. Almost all the items unique to the faction can be looted off the dark brotherhood members once you’ve killed them.

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Should I kill Astrid?

If you kill Astrid, you get a quest that involves destroying the rest of the Dark Brotherhood. If you kill any or all of the contracts, you will get a quest to join the Dark Brotherhood. Pick whichever sounds like more fun, or whatever your character’s morality allows. I killed Astrid she deserves it.

Can you save Astrid?

What level is Astrid Skyrim? You will find Arnbjorn in his werewolf form fighting Penitus Oculatus agents. You can try to help him, but his death is scripted and he will die even if you kill the agents around him. There is no way for you to save him.

Can you still join the Dark Brotherhood if you kill Astrid?

After killing Grelod, go to sleep – you will be kidnapped by Astrid and then you have a choice: either kill any of the prisoners if you want to join the brotherhood or kill Astrid if you want to destroy it.

Can I destroy the thieves guild?

Sadly, there is no quest to destroy the Thieves Guild in Skyrim.

Can you get Shadowmere if you kill Astrid?

No. The quest “Destroying the Dark Brotherhood” activates only if you attack Astrid in the Abandoned Hut, before you join the Dark Beotherhood. It is impossible to get Shadowmere or Cicero after that.

What Pets Can I get in Skyrim?


  • Bran. DG
  • Dog.
  • Meeko.
  • Sceolang. DG
  • Stray Dog.
  • Vigilance.
  • CuSith. DG
  • Garmr. DG

Can you free the prisoners in the abandoned shack?

The Abandoned Shack cannot be left without killing at least one of the three prisoners or Astrid. Even if the Dragonborn frees them, the captives do not leave the Abandoned Shack.

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