Readers ask: Where Is The Old Abandoned Factory Xenoblade 2?

How do you get to the abandoned factory in xenoblade 2?

Skip travel to Old Industrial District. Once you’ve reached the destination, just in front of you there should be stairs going to the Geothermal Processor. Keep going down until you reach the ground level Storage Warehouse.

How do I get to the abandoned excavation xc2?

Abandoned Excavation is a landmark in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is located in the Lower Level area of the Empire of Mor Ardain, directly east of Eggle Jetty ( Abandoned ), and can be reached by travelling south on the walkways from Fourth Ridge Entrance above Chansagh Wastes.

How do I get to suspended pathway old factory?

It is scaffolding located on the outside of the Old Factory of the Empire of Mor Ardain. It can only be accessed during low tide, however, as the Disused Processing Plant ‘s chute is blocked of by the Cloud Sea at high tide. The Level 3 “Wind Mastery” and Level 2 “Leaping” Field Skills are required to reach this area.

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How do I get to Mor Ardain?

The Ticket to Mor Ardain is a Key Item in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is obtained from Murmur on Goldmouth Flight Deck in the Argentum Trade Guild. It allows Rex and company to travel to the Empire of Mor Ardain for the first time.

How do you get to the abandoned factory?

Find a way into the abandoned factory Use the Ladder Key here to lower the ladder. Climb the ladder to unlock the Factory Catwalk skip travel marker. Grab the Collection Point here and then jump in through the open window. Follow the walkway to the far end to reach a ventilation fan.

How do you get suspended from pathway?

The Suspended Pathway can be a bit tricky to find; you’ll need to Skip Travel to the Production Admin Office. From there, climb down the stairs and jump down onto the conveyor belt which should put you out into the Disused Processing Plant. From there you should see a pipe.

How do you get to coralline Sanctum?

The Coralline Sanctum is a location in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is located in the south-eastern corner of the Stomach area of the Kingdom of Uraya, below the Crown of Sanctuary; it consists of a large pool with raised pads that can be climbed.

Where is the ruined laborers bridge?

The Ruined Laborers ‘ Bridge is a Landmark in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is located on the Upper Level of the Empire of Mor Ardain.

How do I get into the old plumbing entrance?

The Old Pluming Entrance can be reached from the Mine Elevator Skip Travel point on the Upper Level of Mor Ardain, by calling the elevator to the platform, riding it down, and then exiting the elevator to the left.

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How do you get to disused processing plants?

Skip Travel to Old Factory and make your way down the Disused Processing Plant (garbage disposal). Enter the round duct and slide your way through. Once you’re out you should be clinging to a climbable fence. Make your way up and follow the map back to the Old Factory.

How do you beat Lila?

Try to get orbs up on her and then break them using a chain attack. If you dont know like I didn’t for a while, to get orbs on an enemy use blade combos. (If you do know what blade combos are you can just skip the rest of this.)

What level does Morag join at?

Morag joins basically at the end of Chapter 4. So far she’s sat out one battle and otherwise seems to be permanent.

Where is Goldmouth flight deck?

Goldmouth Flight Deck is a Landmark in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is located in the Goldmouth area of the Argentum Trade Guild. A salvage point can be found next to the crane at the very end of the deck.

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