Readers ask: Where Is The Skull In Abandoned 2?

What do you do with the shovel in abandoned 2?

Collect items, use them and try to … Abandoned 2 Text Walkthrough by Melting-Mindz: Now pick up the shovel to the right of the door and head back to the loose dirt. You should explore the place and find your brother who dedicated his life in finding out the way to Abandoned, whereas disappeared.

How do you open the doors in abandoned 2?

Use the key in the keyhole on the control panel. Then from the top, click the 4th switch from the left and then move down and click the 2nd switch, down one more and click the 1st switch and then on the final row click the 3rd switch. Turn right and the door will now be open.

Is there an abandoned 3 game?

The third game in the Through Abandoned series. It’s the first game of Through Abandoned series, classical point and click game. Solve puzzles and play mini- games, look for items and find a way to use them, explore, enjoy the story and try to escape.

How do you beat the game abandoned?

Chapter 1:

  1. Take the pole from the right dragon.
  2. Head left and pick up the object.
  3. Attach the item you found to the pole.
  4. Head right past the dragons.
  5. Go back to the dragons.
  6. Go left until you find a door and use the key to unlock it.
  7. Look inside the mine cart and grab the oil can.
  8. Head right three times.
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Is there an abandoned 2?

Abandoned 2: The Forest – Play it now at

What is the story behind the forest?

In The Forest, players control Eric LeBlanc and must survive on a forested peninsula in search of his son Timmy after a devastating plane crash. However, the developers wanted players to question whether the peninsula’s cannibalistic tribe is the enemy of the player or vice versa.

Is there an abandoned 4?

Abandoned 4 – | Adventure Escape Game. Game Description – Abandoned 4 – Escape game. You were with some friends checking out an old abandoned asylum.

Where is abandoned 3 played?

Play Abandoned 3, a free online game on Kongregate.

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