Readers ask: Why Did The Europeans Continue Maritime Exploration When The Chinese Deliberately Abandoned It?

Why did the Chinese send out voyages of exploration?

In addition to political motivation, the new emperor had financial motivation. The treasure fleet voyages cost Ming China enormous amounts of money; since they were not trade excursions, the government recovered little of the cost. For all of these reasons, Ming China stopped sending out the magnificent Treasure Fleet.

How was Chinese exploration different from European exploration?

The two places had very different motivations for exploration, with Europe looking for territory and wealth, and the Chinese searching to establish the power of their country. Different technologies were used, the Chinese boats and navigation techniques being much more advanced.

What was the purpose of Zheng He’s expeditions?

His seven total voyages were diplomatic, military, and trading ventures, and lasted from 1405 – 1433. However, most historians agree their main purpose was to promote the glory of Ming dynasty China. Zheng He was born to a noble family in 1371 in the Yunnan Province of China.

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What factors explain why the Ming Dynasty terminated Zheng He’s impressive voyages?

Why did Zheng He’s voyages end? First, the Yongle Emperor who sponsored Zheng He’s first six voyages died in 1424. His son, the Yongle Emperor, was much more conservative and Confucianist in his thought, so he ordered the voyages stopped. In addition to political motivation, the new emperor had financial motivation.

Why didn’t the Chinese discover America?

Because even though the Chinese discovered Taiwan and the Philippines before the Europeans did and had all the advantages of proximity, Europe colonized those places first too. So China failed to discover America because there was little value in doing so.

Why didn’t China conquer the world?

China’s failure to colonize the world stems not from any illusory inferiority to European societies, but rather from the superiority of the resources it had access to. See, China, unlike European states, was a single country neighbored by no countries really capable of competing with it.

Did the Chinese find Australia first?

I have challenged Menzies thesis because he asserts that the Chinese discovered mainland Australia before the Dutch, Spanish, British and French. This year a body called Australia on the Map, 1606-2006 celebrates the discovery of our coastline in the period 1606 to the 1840s.

What made Chinese exploration of the Indian Ocean possible?

What made Chinese exploration of the Indian Ocean possible was its capacity to build good ships and advances in navigation. He had the right skill to lead many expeditions across the Indian Ocean due to the Chinese knowledge to build ships that resisted harsh oceanic conditions and innovative navigation skills.

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How did European exploration affect East Asia?

the europeans brought goods over to east asia and built hostpitals, railroads and schools. but as well as colonizing the terrortories and disrupting the way of life for the people who lived there.

What did Zheng He accomplish quizlet?

Who was Zheng He? He was an admiral, eunuch, and mariner during the Ming Dynasty. What was the primary purpose of Zheng He’s voyages? To spread China’s prestige, explore new lands, and establish trade relationships.

Why is a Chinese boat called a junk?

The origin of the word ” junk ” in the English language can be traced to the Portuguese word junco, which is rendered from the Arabic word j-n-k (جنك). The word was used to denote both the Javanese/Malay ship (jong or djong) and the Chinese ship (chuán), even though the two were markedly different vessels.

What would happen if Zheng He discovered America?

If Zheng He had discovered America, the ancient civilization which China represented, would have spread over the North and South American continents, in a dynamic process to shape world history and there would be no need for the smaller European kingdoms or for a Christopher Columbus.

How did the Chinese government enforce isolationism?

Chinese Isolationism In Ming China, 1434, a proclamation was issued that forbade foreign trade. This ban included the stop of all building and repairing of Chinese junks. This occurred shortly after the return of Zheng He’s treasure fleet.

What harmful effects did isolation have on China during the Ming Dynasty?

cut off China from Europe encouraged illegal smuggling reduced resources for the military made Mongol invasion more likely weakened the power of Chinese officials slowed the spread of technology and innovation hurt farmers and merchants who depended on trade.

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Why were Zheng’s voyages discontinued?

The reason those voyages discontinued was because of the death of Zheng. He died of an illness on the seventh voyage, on his way back home in 1433.

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