Subeta Where To Adopt Abandoned Pets?

How do you get hydrus pet Subeta?

Hydrus is a color that pets can be turned into by finishing one of Merana’s quests. It features pets in brown with sea based highlight like fins, tentacles, barnacles and seaweed.

How do you get more pet slots in Subeta?

You can now purchase 5 more pet slots from the Cash Shop as well as 5 more slots from the Millionaire Center! This means you can now get a total of 25 slots from the Cash Shop and 10 from the Millionaire Center.

How do I get CSC Subeta?

CSC can be purchased with real money (eg. $USD) and come from the “Credits” tab in the Cash Shop. CSC are deposited into the users account upon a complete transaction and they will also receive a coupon in their sMail when they purchase 2,000+ credit with Paypal. 2,100 CSC for $20.00 (100 CSC bonus!)

How do I change my pet in Subeta?

The Miracle Potion II will allow you to change your pets species without changing its colour. Both are available in the Cash Shop for 1,000 Cash Shop Credits.

Who owns Subeta?

Keith Kurson is the owner of Subeta. Aside from Subeta he also owns Valenth, a virtual pet site.

How do I make nostalgic pet Subeta?

Nostalgic is a color that pets can be turned into by using both instructions and a kit bought from Thimble & Co. or the Crystal Shop, and then visiting Vanyas Workshop. It features pets made up like old fashioned toys.

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