Three Moments In A Worn Path Where Phoenix Could Have Abandoned Her Mission?

What obstacles does Phoenix encounter on her journey?

As Phoenix journeys along the Natchez Trace, she periodically encounters many obstacles, including thorny bushes, barbed wire, and a large dog, among others. She meets a hunter, pocketing a nickel that he drops, and a lady who ties her shoes.

What does Phoenix do in a worn path?

Phoenix, an aged and frail but also fierce woman (she was born into slavery in the pre-Civil-War South, though the story takes place in 1940), will not allow anything in her path to stop her from getting to her end goal, which is to retrieve medicine in town for her grandson.

Why is Phoenix taking the long trip to town a worn path?

Near the end of “A Worn Path,” Welty reveals the reason for Phoenix’s arduous journey into town: to obtain medicine to alleviate the pain and swelling of her grandson’s burned throat. Despite encountering obstacles—including a hill, a thorn bush, a log, a barbed-wire fence, a big dog, and a hunter— Phoenix perseveres.

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Where is Phoenix Jackson going in a worn path?

“A Worn Path ” is a short story by Eudora Welty. It was published in Atlantic Monthly magazine in 1941. The story describes a journey by an elderly black woman named Phoenix Jackson, who must walk a long way into Natchez from her home in rural Mississippi to retrieve medicine for her grandson.

Why is Phoenix’s grandson sick?

For Phoenix, her grandson represents the future of her family, and perhaps, for black people in general. Though we never get to see him, we do know that he suffers greatly after having swallowed lye a few years earlier as a young boy.

Why isn’t Phoenix shocked when the hunter points his gun at her?

What do you know that helps you predict the hunter will not really hurt Phoenix when he points the gun at her? He has chased off the black dog. He has been killing bobwhites. He has helped her up.

What does Phoenix Jackson’s appearance tell you about her?

In the story’s opening paragraph, Phoenix Jackson is described as “very old and small” as “she walked slowly in the dark pine shadows.” She is further described as “moving a little from side to side in her steps” like the “pendulum in a grandfather clock.” In this way, Jackson is identified as a person of advanced age

Why Do I Live at the PO?

“Why I Live at the P.O. ” is a short story written by Eudora Welty, American writer and photographer. The work was inspired by a photograph taken by Welty that depicts a woman ironing at the back of a post office. The story is classified as an example of Southern realism.

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Is the grandson alive in a worn path?

Phoenix’s belief that he is still alive could be the result of old age and losing her memory, making it hard to remember and easier to move on with life and feel she has a purpose. In conclusion, Eudora Welty hides clues throughout the story to inform you that Phoenix Jackson’s grandson is unfortunately dead.

What is wrong with Phoenix’s grandson in a worn path?

The nurse and Phoenix discuss what is wrong with the boy: He has a painful throat from swallowing lye approximately two or three years ago. Phoenix says the symptoms flare up regularly. The nurse gives Phoenix the medicine as a charity case. As Phoenix leaves the clinic, the attendant gives her a nickel.

What type of woman is Phoenix Jackson in a worn path?

The story “A Worn Path ” is about an old black woman called Phoenix Jackson. She used to live in a village far away from the town. She had no one except a grandson. He was very sick so she had to go to the town at regular intervals to bring medicine for her grandson.

What type of woman is Phoenix Jackson?

Phoenix Jackson is a caring, devoted, determined grandmother who will do whatever it takes, including putting her life in danger, to get the medicine her grandson needs. She is also brave and knows how to take advantage of situations she is in.

What emotion motivates Phoenix on journey?

Phoenix Jackson’s main motivation for making the trip to the doctor’s office is to get medicine for her grandson. She is so old that when she gets there, the attendant assumes she has come for herself.

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What does Phoenix Jackson symbolize?

Phoenix Symbol Analysis. There is no question that Welty knew what she was doing when she chose to name the main character of “A Worn Path” Phoenix Jackson. Finally, the phoenix was also seen as a symbol for Christ, who was also resurrected. And so Phoenix’s name also marks her as a Christ figure in the story.

What key aspects of Phoenix Jackson’s physical appearance stand out for you?

A Worn Path 1) What key aspects of Phoenix Jackson’s physical appearance stand out for you? She’s a small, old, African American woman. 2) How does what she wears or carries add to your sense of her character? She walks around with an apron made of sugar sacks, a cane made from an umbrella, and shoe laces dragging.

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