Where Is The Scanner On The Abandoned Ship?

Where do you find the scanner in Pokemon Ruby?

Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald The Scanner can be given to Captain Stern in Slateport City in exchange for one of the items associated with Clamperl and its evolutions; DeepSeaScale or DeepSeaTooth.

What do I do in the abandoned ship in Emerald?

The Abandoned Ship is at Route 108, in the sea between Dewford Island and Slateport City. Enter it and keep using your Itemfinder to collect fallen items which include the keys to various doors of the ship.

Where is Captain Stern after you get the scanner?

You can find Captain Stern at Slateport in the part where the ss. Tidal docks. He gives you the choice of Deepseascale or Deepseatooth, which when given to a Clampearl and then traded with a friend, evolves into either Gorebyss or Huntail.

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Where is the scanner sea Mauville?

Sea Mauville (Japanese: シーキンセツ Sea Kinsetsu) is a decrepit research facility in the Hoenn region, located to the north of Route 108. The second part of the structure can only be accessed by using Dive and contains the Scanner.

Is the abandoned ship the SS Anne?

The Abandoned Ship (Japanese: すてられ船 Abandoned Ship ) is a wrecked ship located on Route 108 in Hoenn, originally being a ship named the S.S. In other languages.

Sea transportation in the Pokémon world
Core series games: Abandoned Ship • Royal Unova • S.S. Anne • S.S. Aqua

How do you get through the abandoned ship in Pokemon Ruby?

Route 108

  1. Located on Route 108, the Abandoned Ship is all that remains from when the S.S.
  2. Three of the four cabins here are connected.
  3. Fight Sailor Duncan and collect a Dive Ball from the north-central cabin.
  4. Pass through the north cabin to get a Revive, then go through the south door to reach the outside of the ship.

Where is the scanner in the abandoned ship Emerald?

In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Version and Pokémon Emerald Version, it is found inside the Abandoned Ship, and Dive is required to obtain it. It can be given to Captain Stern in Slateport City in exchange for a Deep Sea Scale and a Deep Sea Tooth.

Where is ice beam in the abandoned ship Emerald?

Your surf to the abandonship, go to the room with the docs assistant or whatever his name is and grab the storage key. Than go back and unlock the locked room and you will find tm 13 ice beam.

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How do you give the scanner to Captain Stern?

Will you pick it up?” Select Yes to obtain the Scanner. Exit out of the Sea Mauville and fly to Slateport City. Go to the harbor in the northeast and speak to Captain Stern. He’ll take the Scanner off your hands and give you the Clear Bell (Omega Ruby) or Tidal Bell (Alpha Sapphire).

What do you do after you give the Devon parts to Captain Stern?

Team Aqua/Magma Grunt – P560 After defeating the grunts, you will deliver the Devon Parts to Captain Stern. Exit out of the Oceanic Museum and try leaving Slateport through the northern route. You will be stopped by a crowd in front of the Pokemon Contest Hall.

Where is the gym in Slateport city?

Slateport City is huge, but doesn’t have a gym. Still, you have a lot to take care of here. In Pokemon Emerald, go to the medicine shops on the left and talk to the lady at the very top.

Is Spiritomb a legendary?

Simple answer is no. Its not legendary.

What happened at sea Mauville?

It’s a wrecked oil rig that fell into the sea after the corporation running it went under and is now plagued by treasure hunters and haunted by a Spiritomb!

Is lugia shiny locked in Alpha Sapphire?

Given that they’re unlocked the same ways as Pokemon I just listed, Lugia, Dialga, Thundurus, Raikou, and Entei are not locked.

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